Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Fact based reality (#2251)

Is it so scary to live in this existence that we must choose to accept fantasy in place of reality? I can only guess that it is fear that makes us move from logical observation to fantasy acceptance. I have discussed fear here many times and every time I do it is to point out that most fear is not good. Some fear is good when it cautions us to dangers that are real but for the most part fear is not healthy nor wise in our calculations about what is real. Facts tell me how I live and what I think. Even opinions and theories are better than fear based fantasies. At least with opinions and theories, I can further them along toward their truth, or disprove them, by investigating them with logical reason, analysis and conclusion. Not so with fantasy. Fantasy is an alternative to reality where there is no rational way to prove or disprove. I am not a child who needs a pacifier to calm me. I am a bold adult human being who can utilize his ability to gather and process real information and apply it to my environment. I can accept the reality of what truth and fact expose because I am just a guest here in this existence and a short time guest to boot! I don't need an illusion to help me along with my life, what I do need is rational and logical investigation into what we humans have been able to calculate out of life to this point. I have a desire to understand what is real, not what is fantasy. So if that is offensive then take offense. yet you will not deter nor hinder my life from being lived to understand that which is tangibly before me. I am a human being, the greatest species to have evolved in this existence. To live any less would be to bring shame and dishonor to the gift of my being. Reality is where I live and it will be my clarion call to know where my future takes me.

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