Friday, March 6, 2015

Learning who you are (#2226)

Learning who we are is a lesson everyone needs to master. First we start with the fact that we are all human beings. A species that has qualities like no other species ever known. Second, we all have dreams and ambitions we hope for our lives. Third we all gather knowledge with whatever senses we are gifted with. It is our way of accumulating knowledge over our lifetimes. So just from this small list of obvious similarities we can conclude that we all have value and are worthy of respect as an individual. Now comes the trickier stuff, like our minds and how we reason, analyze and conclude. There are many factors involved in how our process mechanisms function but with the understanding of logic and common sense our thought processes can be formed to a cohesive structure. This being said leads me to my point today, that we are the masters of what we think and what we do regardless of what choices we have. I can look at anything and see the worst to the best of it, that is my choice! What is the most satisfying for me is not what card hand life has dealt me but how I play each card when it is my turn to make a play. My mind is at ease with who I am because I like who I am. The person inside me that is still the eager young hopeful who all those years ago realized how lucky I was to be alive in a society that wasn't just about harm but had all the possibilities of doing more good than not. The person inside me is a happy person and no matter what the world throws in my path I am not going to change who that person is, on the contrary I will just continue to live as I am until I am alive no more. Once you know who you are then everything else in life is an adventure to be lived on the terms that you decide. I am on the back end of my life but every day is still a fresh new beginning and I so look forward to each and every one of them.

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