Friday, March 20, 2015

Life is about your honor (#2240)

If you don't already know this, when you get to the end of your life it won't be what you were able to buy or how much money you have that will be in your thoughts, it will be your family and friends and how you lived. I just simplify it and call it honor. Were you a good person who stood up for the things in life that help people live better lives? Did you make a difference with your life that had a positive effect on more than just yourself? Did you fight for justice and respect as honored principles for all or just yourself? Were you greater than your baser instincts? These questions will flash into your mind as you take an accounting of who you were and how you lived near the end of your time in this existence. I am a proud man in my own knowing of me, not proud as boastful, but as relentlessly determined to do what's right when the doing of what's right is upon me. Standing and fighting for tolerance and equality is the great struggle of our time, and being there involved in that struggle will leave your life in a better position when the accounting time comes. There are too many who have no idea why they are alive except that they think they are to do for themselves without much regard to what that does to others. They see life as a game of accumulation and false prestige. Title nor wealth makes no person more than another person, yet too many will lie, cheat and steal to defy that fact. A rather disgraceful purpose when seen in the light of day. I know that what I have done in my life has the value of honor to it. I have not always been an honorable man as I too had to hoe a long road of confusion and chaos before I awoke to the realization that I can control the best of who I am when the need is there, not just when it is convenient for me. Pretentious consumerism is false and fake when matched up against the will to struggle and fight for what is best about all of us not just about myself.

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