Monday, March 23, 2015

Maximizing profit instead of making people whole (#2243)

Today's, what seems like an endless amount of days of ranting, is about how insurance companies treat their clients and those who are harmed by their clients. Since most insurance is mandatory many are left without a recourse when insurance companies all seem to come up with the same types of policy procedures as it relates to charges and benefits. I am not saying outright that insurance companies collude but the differences between them is small enough to at least reasonably conclude there is some general outline of agreement they all seem to follow. What I have noticed, in my limited view, is that regardless of reality, insurance companies seem to default to the worst of what they think we are capable of doing. My own experience shows that no matter which insurance company I rate as to yearly cost, they all seem to have the same increases despite no claims or violations. Curious to say the least. Now as to paying benefits, insurance companies would rather pay huge amounts to law firms and medical experts that specialize in overly minimizing any and all harms perpetrated by the their members' policy holders, than to actually make those who are harmed whole again, at least in a fair and just way. The way they operate is simple enough to understand, they want the most amount coming in and the least amount going out. Capitalism in operation as it's cold methodical self when profit is placed above the intent of a well meaning law and the protection of the human condition. It is obvious enough to me as well that our governmental insurance oversight is not an effective sovereign over the methods and mission goals of mandatory insurance providers. This is just another example of capitalism and it's out of control lust for profit that is destroying the good will in our democracy. I just barely touched on this subject as a deficit to our enlightened philosophy of democratic principles but the depth of the problems that exist within our insurance industry are too numerous to continue to ignore.

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