Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Our fear is greater than our courage (#2238)

It has become obvious to me that not enough of us are brave enough to overcome our own fear. We are not the honorable beings we generally accept that we are. How can I say this? Easy enough in how I see what we the majority opinion in this country are doing. Not only here but in the world at large. The politics of fear seems to be what motivates us to policies and politicians as guidelines and leaders. The best of who we are is a further distance from the truth than what I had hoped to see from us. Maybe the simple truth is that we are scared to be alive and are willing to serve a master than to be a beacon of enlightenment. The unique possibility of humanity with all our individual gifts is being thwarted, not by a force, but by our own unwillingness to stand and defend it. It takes courage to have harmony and opportunity yet not enough of us are aware of this or not enough of us are willing to break from fear. Nothing in life is guaranteed yet too many of us act as if our honorable principles aren't worth fighting for. Too many would bow to an existence that didn't make a wave in the Universe, against our very natures, too many would rather exist only to exist. A rather feeble and weak existence in order to avoid being proud to fight for what is right. A sad commentary on how our species is evolving. Too many would rather put their faith in superstition than to face the reality that their existence is a challenge to their integrity. A subservient acquiescence to those who would rule as an imperfect and illusory god rather than to stand up to their fear and forge their own personal identity based upon individual strength and bold character. This posting is a reflection on how far we have to go just to be at the beginning of our own courage as a foundation.

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