Monday, March 9, 2015

Progress will continue despite entrenched unwillingness (#2229)

Like when Martin Luther King Jr. spoke of "The arc of the moral Universe is long but it bends toward justice", so does progress proceed. Despite any and all attempts to throttle or fetter it's momentum, progress has inertia and the inertia of it is unstoppable. Even though progress has no matter to it's direct existence, it is nonetheless an idea that has no boundary. We humans are amazing and incredible in our genesis. We are by nature constantly evolving through thought and act. So for us to move forward into new paradigms is as natural as the growing and maturing of the flora and fauna around us. Nothing about our abilities or our inquisitive natures denies this premise. So for our species and our societies not to reflect progress is absurd. Yet there are those who wish to stifle and prohibit our advancement through time and space out of some allegiance to an otherworldly concept. My held belief is that if there is some otherworldly existence I will confront it after I am done with this one. This one doesn't allow for me a portal into any other existence while I am here so what logic and physics exist here is what my foundation is based upon. As to my morality, I prefer to practice being a good and respectful person until my goodness or my respect has been dishonored. It works well for me in that I don't condemn before I know the facts of things. Instead I respect as a given until I know the facts of things. Either way, progress is part of the final result. Progress is what I live for as I am a believer in the idea that the world should be a better place after I am gone than what it was before I got here. It is a purposeful ambition full of challenges and hope with progress as the effect on all things I encounter as my wish to leave after I am no more.

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