Sunday, March 15, 2015

Research and development (#2235)

Our nation has been positively modernized in many ways by creative imaginings that have been turned into innovative inventions. This is what we can do when we work as a nation to discover. Our curious ability to search and explore has given rise to new ways of thinking and doing. It is natural for us to move from the days of only fire to days we have now of electricity and gas/oil power. Our next leap will involve moving from fossil fuels toward renewable energies that safeguard our environment. We are learning that the burning of fossil fuels in the long run is a detriment to not only our life breathing health but also to our planets ability to release greenhouse gases. Simple science teaches us that matter moves from one form to another and thus with burning fossil fuels, as a byproduct, we are allowing for the build up of life threatening molecules to entrap heat and air pollution in our stratosphere. We need to have a robust national research and development program to help guide us through the many new challenges our society is facing, not only by our own doing but to help abate what other countries are doing as well. At this point in time America has a great opportunity to thrust itself into the world leadership of smart energy efficient production. But regardless if we do or not, other countries are stepping up and leading in our absence. The die is cast on climate change and now the only question will be, will we accept it? Unfortunately, there are many powerful greedy forces that are determined to keep us trapped in old technology despite all evidence to the contrary. Eventually our democracy will have to sustain science over any and all desperate attempts to thwart it but as we fight this unnecessary fight we are not moving forward as efficiently as we should be.

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