Monday, March 16, 2015

The conservative propaganda machine (#2236)

Ever since our conservative courts have upheld the notion that lies can be protected speech, conservative Republicans have been taking advantage of it to the extreme. Now conservatives for their part answer back that it is the rest of the media that is lying and that they are the ones telling truths. Looking at this from an objective viewpoint it is strange that conservatives claim they are the ones who are truth telling when considering the facts of things, they are the ones most often exposed as the liars. Regardless, of the conservative assertion that everyone else is lying, just researching and fact checking their claims will be plenty enough to show that they are again lying. Most Americans do not fact check as they have their political party viewpoints and just go with whoever is reporting their policies. Convenient but sloppy. The agenda of a news outlet should be to portray the facts of a situation and allow it's viewers to form a critical thought of their own. Yet with the high gain partisanship yields, news outlets are utilized for feeding party line tropes instead of allowing for it's viewers to conclude what is right or wrong about what is happening. I entitled this piece the conservative propaganda machine because for the most part liberal news reporting has had to spend too much of it's time just rebutting the lies that the conservative propaganda machine is spewing. Too many of our news outlets are owned by conservatives and their agenda is to promote their policies as beneficial to all, when in actuality they are only beneficial to the wealthy. They use hatred, division and misinformation as their framework for subjectively interpreting the news so that they can keep their less informed supporters in line and away from objective fact checking. Allowing the ability to lie as a protected speech is killing our democracy and our ability to move forward with a smarter and more understanding citizenry.

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