Friday, March 27, 2015

The nasty brutish Republican philosophy (#2247)

I get that Republicans and Democrats use the argument that we all should be held accountable for our own actions, but the difference is that Republicans stop there while Democrats provide a safety net for those who cannot or struggle to be accountable for their own actions and work hard toward equal rights for all. Republicans are a bitter set of people who think that they are the true destiny of our species. They adhere to the survival of the fittest doctrine like it is as necessary as breathing air. The problem is that they are some of the biggest users of social programs they beat Democrats over the head with. The cognitive dissonance and hypocrisy is astonishing. I am all for us working toward our goals in life but not as a survival demand, but as a journey of discovery. Our lives should not be enslaved to principles of greed and hatred, but instead to principles of respect and dignity. Commerce is important in how our civilized society operates but democratic principles are crucial to our society surviving. Democracy will always outweigh capitalism as a necessity for an enlightened society. If ever we choose that enlightenment is not as important as profit then our democracy will be dismantled. Our constitution has evolved to help guide us toward a more complete union, however it takes participation by all to have it's full effect. The current philosophy of Republican conservatism is an irrational reading of religious liberty in conjunction with a lessening of equal rights. The Republican road map toward dismantling our democracy is underway with their current majorities in governmental leadership roles and until we all wake up to the deterioration, we will continue to see the nasty brutish effects of hatred and greed so admired by Republican voters.

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