Saturday, March 21, 2015

The negative force of power (#2241)

That sinking feeling of knowing that things have changed for the worse because power has over ruled our better natures. It reduces honorable conviction and purposeful action to a nullifying reality. How many times must we be beat down before we realize that we are losing ground? The worse part is that we were already in a bad situation and were just trying to make it better. So ending up in a worse position really wipes any smile I had left right off of my face. The closest analogy is that we are those frogs who started out in a cold pot of water and ever since the temperature of the water keeps going up and it won't be long before the water is boiling and we won't even have noticed that we were letting ourselves be cooked. How can this be you may ask, I don't see where we are being forced into a worse reality? It is because you don't see the comprehensive picture. You see what is around you and you are unable to fathom that other human beings would intentionally harm us as a strategic vision. Ask yourself this question, if others were trying to make my life better, why don't I see that all around me? If things are still the same for you or even worse, cannot you make the connection that those who are leading are not leading us to a better reality? Is it a brutish and harsh world you want for yourself and your children? Is it easier to not pay attention so that you are not put upon to stand up for what is right and good? What is it that allows us to accept and defend policies that harm us instead of help us. We are all in this together but as of now my shame for being a human being is deep and humiliating. We have better within us as a default but we choose for whatever reason to allow those others who care not for us to lead us. The positive force of power is within all of us and it is past time for us to combine our strengths for a better world.

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