Monday, March 2, 2015

Truth telling, a way of life (#2222)

Life is just so much easier when the truth is your guide. For the first part of my life I thought that I had to hide what I didn't want others to see so lying became a knee jerk reaction for me. What I later found out is that what I wanted to hide from others was nothing new to them and so hiding my humanness was absurd. What I also learned was that my failures were actually struggles I had yet to overcome and that at least working toward success in these areas was actually a strength. Being honest became my knee jerk reaction and since then I have had a simple but happy life. The earlier lies had me constantly on guard to not let the illusions I created get muddled. I spent too much time remembering what wasn't true instead of what actually was true. Obviously lying was not a productive strategy in the big picture for me, but truth telling is. I don't need to rehearse what I am going to say now it just flows from me like a natural fresh water spring. I am not bogged down with details about non truths and instead am learning and incorporating truths into my knowledge base. Which serves me well in that my overall comprehension is far more panoramic. I can remember truths and facts in the proper way without having to discard non truths in order to make sense of what I know. The wisdom I gain through telling the truth is that I am now far more readily able to accept the truth of things in my own life even when I am resistant. Facts and logic are hard to dismiss when truth telling is a prioritized principle. I cannot delude myself from hard facts that make me uncomfortable or that highlight my inadequacies. I can live with both the good and bad about me now because it is the truth and if I want less bad and/or more good, I know what I need to work on. Truth telling is the best path for my life and surely for yours as well.

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