Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Why I rant and rail (#2244)

I do advocate for so many progressive and just policies on this blog here but that is because I know that the better our world is the better chance we the people will have to find happiness in it. That is why I will not accept the doom and gloom of the republican party. I don't live in the negative or in the idea that we need to be herded like cattle because we can't fend for ourselves. I know for a fact that if given the opportunity to learn and be part of our society in a real and fair way, most all of us would welcome that paradigm. We don't have that right now. Instead we have a system that favors privilege and advantage, not based upon merit but instead based upon nepotism and wealth. It seems that old mores die hard when it comes to fear and greed. Instead of being an enlightened being and earning the respect of their peers, the privileged and advantaged demand respect and if not given then the back of their hand is their "gift" to us. Such a cheap and thieving hollowness as a reward they are willing to embrace. Not a proud and honorable decision of earned respect but an ego driven craving to demand it without deserving it. So onward I go with some subject every day to bring to light my disgust with being associated, through species, with these weaklings with power. They will defeat people like me with their shrewd and clever twisting of facts but nonetheless I will remain resolutely steadfast in my shame for them and myself since we are all of the same ability to reason, analyze and conclude. That they choose to keep an artificial and false sense of dignity in place of humility I must live with it but never will I accept it. So rant and rail I will because the honorable ideals and principles I live by are my constant companion and I protect my companions even to my death.

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