Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Can't change my heart (#2314)

A different type post today. I did some early morning shopping for building materials and on my way home I saw a little scraggly black doggie meandering around a busy intersection. At first I thought maybe the dog was with someone but as I was driving I could see no one near him. I kept going away from the intersection and the more I got away the worse I felt for not stopping and investigating the doggie. I finally turned around and headed back to find him and see if he had any identification. I searched where I originally saw him but I couldn't see him anywhere. So I stopped and asked some fellows hanging out around a parking lot and they said he was across the street heading away. So I drove across the street but couldn't see him. I almost just kept going but instead I pulled off on a frontage road adjacent to the main drag and I saw in the bushes a dark spot. I drove a little closer and there was the doggie laying just off the main road. I stopped about 20 feet short of him but the doggie immediately became frightened and started away from me and out into the main road. After a some motorists braked to keep from hitting the dog, the dog made it across the busy street and into some a retail shopping center. I followed across with my truck and the dog went to an isolated area and when I cautiously approached the dog took off in a full run away from me. I decided right there that I was probably more a danger to his life than him being lost or homeless. I had already cringed at the prospect that I had caused him to scurry in front on traffic and I wasn't about to do it again. All this to say that the best of intentions I had, to bring the doggie to my house, where I could later this morning get him to the vet for whatever needs he has, if the dog didn't have identification, was left unfulfilled. I like that I acted out of concern for the dog's welfare but the fear the little doggie had was too much for the dog to trust me. I tried and luckily didn't make things worse anyway.

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