Thursday, June 18, 2015

Climate change is linked to income inequality (#2330)

That there are some corporations out there who are denying the effects of man made climate change is a fact. They have chosen to take a position that harms our society on whole rather than tackling the problem of climate change by altering their polluting, but profitable, ways. This is significant in that it is the same types of corporations who pay their workers as little as possible in order to profit at a greater rate. Both climate change denying and keeping wages low are strategic decisions made in order to profit themselves and their shareholders. To place profits above the survival of our planet and the well being of our workforce is indicative of a diseased mindset that will not see the brutish nasty ramifications of the long term with any conscious formulation. It is all about the short term profit they can make while leaving the mess for others to clean up. We allow these corporations to do this to us when we vote for their proxy leaders in the Republican party. Our government is supposed to be elected by the will of the people but since we have unclear laws as to what honest debate is allowed we get too much confusion for our average citizenry to configure correctly. Corporations know this and use it to their advantage. Our current US Supreme Court has a majority conservative view which is being manipulated by corporations to reflect their greedy agenda. When the court pronounces that corporations are people and that money is speech, they have effectively given the greedy wealthy an advantage over those of us who cannot afford to speak through money. When the law does not punish speech that is disingenuous corporations find that they can spread enough propaganda to keep the many of us with wrong opinions. As our world slowly is poisoning itself through greedy corporate practices and our workers continue to suffer through low wage policies, corporations continue to grow in wealth and power. How can this possibly be good for us?

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