Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Compare and contrast (#2322)

Romancing hardship, pain and suffering is ludicrous yet that is what the Republican party is doing with it's survival of the fittest agenda. They would like us to believe that our pioneering spirit rose from an elitism and we would all be better off with a world that gave us nothing and made us earn everything. What Republicans won't tell us is that they know our pioneering spirit has nothing to do with an illusory romantic vision of manifest destiny or some other idealistic motivation. They know it came out of despair and abuse. We pioneered as a nation because it was the only way for us to find freedom from despicable rule by the wealthy who used us as tools and objects and then discarded us with little nothing for our forced service. We sought to build a shared life on our terms, greater and more honorable than greed, even if it meant facing other dangers. Struggling to be free and to having a life built by our own hands and the hands of our communities was our reason for pioneering. We couldn't break through the tight gripped control of the capitalists where we were so we moved where they weren't. A hope or dream for a better world was our last resort. That is how we should be living as the most incredible species ever evolved. It is an embarrassment to any free thinker that we would seek to control ourselves out of some devised greed instead of some communal obligation to happiness. The pursuit of happiness is genetic to our American experience as it was highlighted on our American Declaration of Independence from Britain. Life is not about capitalizing on each other where there is only one or two eventual winners and everyone else is left holding an empty bag. Life is about working together to build a better nation where all citizens have a right to a respectable existence and a say in how we govern ourselves.

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