Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Enlightenment or ignorance (#2321)

Who knew that after the awakening of the renaissance centuries ago that today we would be fighting over whether to advanced and modernize our American society or whether to go back to a faith system where a belief in something is greater than the scientific fact of everything else. I am not saying that we must choose between the two, but to give a belief system greater societal rule over logic and reality is a step backwards toward an unenlightened era. I know we can each have a faith system for ourselves that calms or gives comfort in times of trouble but not a s ystem of rule that everyone must be legally bound to obey. I keep my own personal faith system to myself since it is mine and I need comfort and calming from time to time. But I am an enlightened soul who must build upon the great renaissance achievements previously established. I am a modern man who can only see possibilities for greater care and wonder in my future. It is the wondering part that has gripped me to my bones. I am a soul who needs to know and if there are those who would stifle me based upon some arbitrary dogma of a religious bent, then we will have trouble. I do not push or advocate my own personal belief on anyone as each of us must find our own compass for moving forward, nor will I have anyone else attempt to force my compass away from any direction it may take me. Living a simple life that makes us comfortable is appealing but not at the expense of the liberty of others who choose a more difficult and rewarding life. Enlightenment is a challenge to simplicity as a rule and for me enlightenment is my path. I am a biological data processor in all regards and for me to not utilize my abilities is for me to deny I am human.

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