Monday, June 8, 2015

Harm is harm, it is that simple (#2320)

Politics is not that difficult to understand. If it helps most people then it is likely very good. If it harms most people it is likely very bad. Simple! Like our social safety net programs are which are designed to help those who are less advantaged than others. We need them in order to protect the many from the nasty brutish nature of how our capitalistic economic system has evolved. As you may have noticed, only a few ever get to become wealthy. It is a mirage that we all will be millionaires in our lifetimes. A mirage that has been peddled for the last few generations to keep us from recognizing the unequal way our society distributes privilege and advantage. When the spokespeople for the wealthy tell us that it is our own fault that we are not wealthy like them, they are lying to us. Many who are wealthy got there through inheritance or advantages most of us never get. They are not exceptional human beings able to overcome obstacles that litter the road. Most of them have had a smooth road to traverse while the rest of us have been dodging mines over every step. We who are not wealthy are not wealthy because we are defective, we are not wealthy because the wealthy make it difficult for us to succeed. The truth of it is that the wealthy need a large class of non-wealthy to exist so that they can remain wealthy themselves. By keeping competition down from the rest of us not only are the wealthy able to control the economy in a much more collusive way, they have a large bank of workers to draw from. We the non-wealthy must wake up to the fact that we are not ever going to be wealthy, but we can still have a quality of life that doesn't discard us after our utility to the wealthy has expired.

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