Saturday, June 6, 2015

How will you handle death? (#2318)

Death will come to all of us as the one certainty we have. I wish it were not so, since I first learned of death it broke my heart. The unfairness of random death is even more heartbreaking when it comes so unexpectedly. But nothing I have said so far is any different than anything else everyone has or will experience so I am not unique in any way on this subject. I have been fortunate in that I have lived almost 60 years and a mostly full life to boot. Not so much a conventional average life but one of my own where I got to do things my way, even if for a short period of time. So I can at least plan for my eventual demise by instituting my wishes for my remains. I have come to grips with death and it's eventuality. I no longer run around in chaos denying the inevitable. Although I accept that I will die, I want my death to be of some progressive act. Not just a dying on the vine but with a greater good purpose. Standing up for rights, or against cruelty and harm. I have lived mostly as an honorable man, who protected the weak and downtrodden. I have done so because I have seen first hand what happens when good men do nothing and bad men get away with it. When I was younger and less strident in my principles I couldn't or wouldn't protect those who were being unjustly and wrongly abused. But as I have gotten older, stronger and wiser, I let nothing of the sort happen in my presence without me pushing back with steely determination. A conviction worthy of putting my life on the line to stop the brutish and abhorrent from occurring. This may be how I die, and if so that would be noble and typical of my values. Whether or not, I will die at some point and the idea that fear will play a part in it is not part of my calculation, however being stalwart and courageous is part of my plan for how I will pass from this plane of existence.

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