Sunday, June 7, 2015

On the subject of sex, which obviously came before marriage (#2319)

We human beings are of the animal kingdom here on Earth. Our connection with the other animals has been well established. We all share the same natural ability to procreate through a sexual encounter between the male and female genders of our own species'. This has been going on since before our recorded history. To put this into perspective, sexual relations between members of our human species predates our conscious remembering, long before any concept of marriage was devised. The concept of marriage is more akin to property rights in it's origin than to the ideal of two becoming one. The civilization of our human members into society has helped afforded us the ability to devise a marriage concept to help bring about an order to our societies. A way to calm the chaotic and lawlessness of arbitrary emotional desire. Marriage as an institution can be a good paradigm when it is entered into with the high aspiration of shared love and devotion. But marriage is not the genesis of sexual relations. Sexual relations predated the concept of marriage by millenniums. So although we are a more modern civilized being we must not lose sight of the fact that we are and were animals who had sexual relations long before we put a restriction on it's utility. Marriage is a subset of sex and that order is right and good if we are to respect the actual history and natural rights of our species. Of course we by law do not allow the taking of sex as a right when it is entered into under force or duress, etc... or restricted by age requirements. It is proper to define restrictive roles of sex in order to protect any who would be violated by the act. Yet, we should never stop any who are rightfully allowed to have sex because they are not married or offend our personal religious choices. Otherwise we would be denying the natural order of sexual intercourse as a right when utilized between two consenting adults. Or are we now to be considered to have evolved from our previous animal state?

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