Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Religion has a higher duty to itself than it does to our democracy (#2335)

Let's face this one simple fact. Religion has it's need to proselytize as a moral imperative of it's dogma. This need is in conflict with the first amendment of our constitution which gives those of us who chose the right to be free from religion. Here is the dilemma, I will defend your right to worship as you choose as long as you defend my right to not worship as I choose. Yet my defense of your right to worship a religion is one sided since many of you have chosen to go with the religious doctrine that cannot abide a non-believer. So as I defend your right to worship, you do not defend my right to not worship. A brutish approach that stinks to high heaven of treason. Our national constitution has given every religion in this great country of ours a place of sanctuary that is rare in the cultures of our world. Yet the very design of our democracy is being challenged by some of those very same religious zealots who would subdue our democracy and turn it into a theocracy. Much like a knife in the back from a benefactor. Our democracy is in place to allow for equality, justice and opportunity for all, not for the proving grounds of one's faith. My spirituality is completely separate from how we all must be governed under the law. I find solace and serenity in my understanding of the great question, why? Although I have no answer, I have a purpose in life worthy of my time and efforts. To protect our democracy as the enlightened intellectual I am from all who would dismantle her. From our democracy a floor has been established from which we all may aspire from. Although our democracy is still in need of fine tuning it is still the greatest human achievement to have evolved as a form of government. Nothing shall abridge it's purpose to allow for all to have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as declared in our courageous Declaration of Independence from oppressive monarchical and theocratic rule.

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