Sunday, June 21, 2015

The cognitive dissonance of religion (#2333)

Religion for centuries has been used to try to control human behavior. The dogmas and traditions of how religion operated brought about a mindset that there was a punishment for behavior that was not within parameters of civilized society. And although there are those who see religion as more than a behavioral control the general principle is still applicable. Instead of teaching our society to look for the best in ourselves as human beings we continue to put restrictions and burdens upon ourselves that are as ancient and mythical as any devised control. What is even worse are those "true believers" who take insignificant circumstances and apply them to an almighty being watching over us. Like the football player thanking God for a touchdown or some lucky state of affairs. While millions of young children keep dying over the years from starvation and poverty. Not seeing that a God who keeps us flush with cash or making touchdowns isn't also able to keep children from dying indiscriminately. Or one religious sect claiming a God as their divine inspiration warring with another religious sect who also claims a God who is divinely guiding them. The contradictions and non-sequiturs are abundant yet the steadfast believer refuses to acknowledge said logic. It is easier for them to dismiss contradictions as a greater insight then they are able to understand and hold fast to the comfort of their religion, despite's it's hypocrisies. I would be ashamed and embarrassed for taking a belief over any logical and scientific fact yet too many of us here in America are doing just that and not acknowledging the shame and embarrassment. I am not devoid of some spiritual understandings but not to the point of denying reality to make my spiritual experience dominant over truth and facts. The cognitive dissonance it takes to keep one's faith in light of enlightenment is astounding yet here we are with too many actually doing it.

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