Saturday, June 20, 2015

The ignorance belief systems cultivate (#2332)

Many of us have a belief system that supports our personal journey through time and space here in existence but what many of us do with our belief system is to keep it to ourselves as a guide to our behavior and attitude. However, too many within our society find that their belief system is not a guide for them to live a free life, they find that their belief system is a shield for them to hide behind instead of experience an objective life. They are more cowardly than bold in their fears and as such they often pretend to be great followers of their faith while ignoring reality and the rights of others. It is a tragic symbol of our times that they now have political representation in the republican party and although they are on the surface appearing to be a moral force, they are much less than that. They are bigots and haters of anyone and anything that doesn't follow the waffling dogma they so vigorously cower to. I have seen enough examples in my own little world where the need to belittle anyone not them is overwhelming for them. They take pride in casting aspirations at those who are not just as cowardly as they are. They fear boldness and courage as if it where the plague and as cowards their need for shaming others anyway they can is how they pump each other up. I often think of Plato's "Allegory of the Cave", wherein the many stew in fear while accepting the shadows as their reality. They care not what other possibilities exist, they have mastered their fear and play it for all they can get. It is hard for me to see how they cannot grasp a comprehensive view with a panoramic vision. So I live among them and avoid their constant babble about how others don't measure up. I am not them and and such they get nothing of me to help them justify their fear based illusions.

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