Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The problem of the closed mind (#2315)

On this subject there is much to be objective about. The closed mind is a fear based solution that won't accept anything other than the comfort the closed mind allows. Even to the point of cognitive dissonance, the closed mind will prevail despite the erroneousness of the defended concept. The veritable brick wall is far more than just metaphorical in this instance. For too many the closed mind around a belief or an illogical ideal is to be protected at all costs. I do understand how attractive the closed mind can be and the sanctuary it offers to those who are overwhelmed with confusion and chaos. Yet the closed mind is an attempt to escape, not an attempt to overcome. Retreating from life is rarely a strategy that brings honor and respect to one's destiny. An open mind however is one that not only provides additional insights into all of life, it allows us to move freely and confidently in any circle of existence. An open mind is a value worth more than treasure or adulation. An open mind gives us the ability to reorganize our information and knowledge in order to stay in harmony with the past, present and future. An open mind keeps us honest in our evaluations and perspectives. In all reality, an open mind is a healthy paradigm. The closed mind gives us a presumed safe harbor but it ignores the whirligig of life and defaults back to intolerance and a lack of diversity. Who are we to judge another based upon some formula we declare is the only correct one? It is absurd to think that in the infancy of our society of humans and other like animals, compared to the Universe, that we would know the only way to be in a world of constant change! I follow principles for living that establish my behavior but I would never dare to condescend upon others my control or rule over them as a solution. The closed mind would however and for me that is intolerable.

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