Monday, June 22, 2015

Those who encourage our baser traits are inhuman (#2334)

You all should know by now that I am a progressive liberal who believes in Democracy. I want all of us to have an opportunity to succeed in our lives with family, friends and experiences. But there is a faction of folks who are most all aligned with the Republican party who are not impressed with democracy, instead they are bent toward racism and sexism through selective religious dogma and survival of the fittest bastardizations. These folks are less than human in my estimation since the rest of us humans have evolved into civilized and enlightened beings. The Republican party is chock full of these inhuman beings who would no less like to see an all white country under certain christian religious doctrine. The government as church headed by Republican Jesus. Republican Jesus is not the Jesus of the Bible rather he is a convenient straw man that Republicans have manufactured to align with their racist, misogynist, ego driven ideal of how the rest of us should be governed. These Republicans have taken what is good about democracy and created their own idea of how some who are well off or necessary to wealth are treated one way and the rest of us are treated another. In their minds a class system that appears to be democratic is good enough for them as long as they can convince the less informed of it's necessity. This is why you here the terms Oligarchy and Corporatocracy being bandied about because when you boil it down to it's base form, Republicans are gutting democracy and transforming it into a class system where the wealthy have a greater say in how our country govern's itself. For me, no amount of inequality and injustice is acceptable if any of us are denied what all of us should have as equal and just opportunity. Too many in the Republican party are inhuman and for that they should be denounced, shunned and made to pay a price for attacking our democracy.

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