Friday, June 5, 2015

Universal voter registration (#2317)

Democracy in its essential form is the governance of all by all. now we can't let some vote, like those in prison for violent crimes or those who are not American citizens, but we have laws now that protect us from those events occurring. So the rest of us are rightfully allowed to cast a ballot in any and all public elections. There needs to be no restrictions on a one person one vote doctrine regardless of any inconvenience to any political party. Rights of citizens overrule rights of political parties. That we have a candidate running for president in 2016, Hillary Clinton, who is advocating for universal voter registration for all eligible American citizens would seem like a policy that every American would have no argument against. Yet we would be mistaken to think so. The Republican party has been trying for at least a decade to restrict voting for the less affluent, women and persons of color. This is a fact no an opinion. Too many Republican controlled states have devised laws that make voting harder for these aforementioned groups. The intent of these laws is masked by the Republican claims that voter fraud is rampant. But to claim it without any verifiable proof only makes it a lie. The intent rather of these Republican voter restriction laws is to lessen the base of the opposing party. Think about that for just a moment, the Republican party is working to deny votes to those who are not affiliated with them. Do you see the problem here? Republicans cannot win on their agenda of hating people not like them and instead are denying them a voice in our democracy. Now this may seem obtuse or rather insignificant to you because your otherwise busy life is too demanding to care for this but if you don't care, your otherwise busy life will become even more busy just to stay where you are now instead of easing your busyness for you to have more time for the quality things in it.

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