Monday, August 31, 2015

My innocence keeps me sane (#2404)

I am still that young boy who not that long ago, to me anyway, was as innocent about how I perceived existence as I am today. I know that cynicism and bad behavior has rusted some of the edges of my innocence but in my mind and heart my innocence is still purely immeasurable. That is the lens by which I can perceive all that is around me. The best of what could be and the happiest of what should be, are never far from my intentions. I have seen the purity of good, better and best and how much I admire and respect the raw expression of them. Regardless of the circumstance or situation, innocence revealed and acted upon is precious. That is the reality I live in. I know that most of the time innocence is lost in the daily hustle and bustle of life but that is no excuse for not striving to have the best of who we are and what we can become. I wont settle for less when my life is all that I have to control. I am the one who can change and be an example so that is my duty given the chaotic paradigm we have before us. We are out of our cycle of natural being. We have become automatons to our work, our society's expectations, to too many other things who we are not. My foundation, my genetic thrust is for me to be the best human I can possibly be. How do I do this? By learning whatever it takes to keep my mind open to facts and truths while never losing my hope or wishes and dreams. I am an amalgamation of interests but only one is supreme to all others, that being my purpose for living. I am a biological sensory processor who can input data and then analyze, reason and conclude from it. I then store in my memory a comprehensive outlook and then act upon it. My purpose is to function as the best biological data processor I can be. I also have an emotional component that gives me character and personality. With these I can operate as more than just a biological computer, I can be the master of my abilities and then proceed to express only the most noble and honorable actions and thoughts I can humanly create. This all stems from my innocence which I will never abandon nor denigrate.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Register to vote if you care about your future (#2403)

Why is it important to vote? Because we all get one vote if we choose to exercise it so we all have an equal chance to say how we want our future to unfold. Today more than ever the differences in the two visions being laid out is stark. There can be no confusing one for the other. In other words in no scenario are both parties the same. There is the Republican vision that would have us living like in the wild west days where guns ruled the law and the Democratic vision where laws rule the guns. Republicans would have us living under the confines of religious dogma whereas Democrats, like our founding fathers, would have us living free from religious persecution. Republicans would install a government that favored those who capitalized on our economy regardless of it's staggering income inequality, whereas Democrats would keep our government in the business of regulating and socializing our competitive but flawed capitalistic system. Republicans would and are clamoring for war as a solution in lieu of any other solution that isn't utter surrender. Democrats would, as a final move use deadly force in order to bring about change but not until peaceful negotiation had run it's course. The Republican doctrine of survival of the fittest would leave our seniors, children, and disabled citizens with little recourse other than begging as a means for them to exist, while Democrats believe and implement social programs designed to reduce and eliminate suffering and harm to our most vulnerable citizens. Republicans if given the opportunity, would restrict voting rights in every way that they could in order to only allow for property owners and privileged to vote for our future. Democrats are of another mindset, we Democrats would rather allow universal voting for all citizens of our country and make it available as easily as possible so that everyone could have a voice in our democracy. Do you see the reason now why it is so important to register to vote so that you can have a say in what your future could be?

Saturday, August 29, 2015

The desperation of being brutalized (#2402)

We sit here safe in our seats at home here in America while the world is volatile in too many places. I feel guilty for having some safe harbor here while too many others are fleeing for their lives with all they can carry on their backs. Philosophically it reminds me that our world is not civilized enough for all of us to live in peace, yet it also reminds me that real people are trying to stop the violence enough so that we can find peace for all. Reality is more dark and harrowing. Reality is showing me that the forces that wish to keep peace at bay are still strong and forceful in their intent to kill and harm. What does this say about the nature of humanity? It isn't the humanity that I live so it tells me that there is a brutal perversion that exists among us that does not recognize the value of human life. Surely these despotic souls recognize a higher order of value for their own lives but not for anyone else's. This perverted mindset that has infected their ability to reason with a humane logic must be quelled with a strong arm since the kindness of debatable argument is impossible. We must abate those who would destroy humanity for their own brutal perversions with the same force of will even if it must include shackling and removing them from further interconnectedness with the rest of civilization. An intelligent and caring society must not only be willing to negotiate our problems with an eye toward the most doable solution, but we must also wield a heavy hand when forced to act by those who would brutally pervert our system of equality, justice and fairness. The desperation of being brutalized that too many feel now is an effect from the cause of too many societies ruled by too many perverted brutalizers.

Friday, August 28, 2015

It's okay to admit we are alone in a great big universe, it is the truth (#2401)

The truth is better than any lie we may tell ourselves. Living in the truth no matter how scary or frightening it may be is the first step to overcoming our fear and fright. The myths and superstitions we have created as a species to help us along in our sometimes trembling lives are meant to assuage the fear reality can bring about. The problem with that type of solution is that it deviates us from fact. Now look about in our society and you can see the absolute adverse effects of myths and superstitions being played out. Not only are there too many who believe in myth and superstition there are too many who are making a business of myth and superstition so much so that too much of reality and fact is ignored. I don't need a pacifier of any sort to be able to get along with my life here in this existence. I have me and the objective elements that make up existence to keep me full of wonder and care. Everything else is just noise from the fearful who have not found their courage to stand on their own ability to define fact from fiction. It is a simple solution for too many to just trust that myth and superstition must be true despite not having any logical evidence to prove it. Too many condition their minds to dismiss contrary evidence in order to maintain an illusion that makes them feel protected and safe. An illusion to make ourselves feel protected and safe is not living, it is abdicating the motivation of our curiosity. Fear will do that and fear often enough is what too may think is the ceiling they may never rise above. I can admit that I am alone in the universe because it is true. There are other beings who reside with me here in the universe but they also only have themselves. We are alone and that is okay. If we get lucky enough we can find a mate to live with us in our lives and that can help with keeping us protected and safe but that is the only real option. Otherwise it is like my life, just living as myself with no fact to anything after my life is over that the universe promises me.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Making voting easy and rewarding (#2400)

Not only should voter registration be as easy as possible for all Americans there should also be a reward for actually voting. Some small but significant option that can be utilized once a cast ballot is confirmed. As it is now we have about half of our eligible voters not voting for may reasons, including the difficult obstacles Republicans are implementing through voter restrictions. The truth of a society being a democracy is in it's citizens participating in it's elections. We cannot say we are a true democracy when we are restricting opportunities to vote and restricting the ability of our citizens to prove they are citizens. We can use Occam's razor to understand the significance of the Republican strategy to restrict voting based upon their claim of voter fraud. Since little to no evidence exists of voter fraud "the more likely reason" (Occam's theorem) for them to be restricting voting is more easily understood by who is feeling the brunt of the restrictions. Older poorer citizens, students and poorer non-caucasians are the ones who are more adversely affected by voter restriction laws. That many of this voting block are Democrat voters indicates to any sensible person that the intent of voter restriction laws is to lessen the democrat vote. Now the partisan on the republican side may well gleefully applaud this somewhat successful tactic, the other many who have a sense about patriotism and democratic principles see this as nothing more than the real voter fraud being perpetrated by Republicans. Aside from that problem, we have an electorate that is disinterested in politics mainly because we have very little truth in advertising for political ad laws. So the constant barrage of mixed messages bordering on absolute falsehood has turned off many who would otherwise like to make an informed decision based upon fact. There is also something to be said for providing a reward for those who do participate in our elections as an incentive to continue such behavior as a means of protecting and improving our democracy.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The wealthy are the problem, not the immigrant (#2399)

The wealthy are the owners of our media and communication outlets so they are successfully able to deflect their ownership of our dismal economy and instead falsely attack the immigrant as the problem. That there is little good work available is their premise and those damn immigrants are taking what there is, is what is causing our problems. The problem with that is that the wealthy are hoarding many trillions of dollars overseas in tax shelters, avoiding paying taxes on their profits here in America and the loss of most of that revenue flowing through our economy is the reason we have little opportunity for businesses to grow and flourish. We are stuck in a bad work situation because the wealthy don't want to pay their share of taxes. That is it in a nutshell so for them to be blaming our economic woes on immigration is not only false it is racist. The argument that the poor colored skin fellow and girl is our problem is wrong, it is the wealthy and their protected greed that is the problem. However the wealthy's narrative is working somewhat as we are not talking about changing the tax code to punish tax evaders or increasing our resources at the IRS in order to handle all the wealthy grifters keeping our nation in an economic stagnant state. That our middle class manufacturing jobs have gone overseas and the wealthy are actually rewarded through the tax code for doing it is even more brutish to our American citizenry's economic outlook. We cannot change these laws because Republican politicians will not do anything to upset the greedy wealthy who are their donor base. The only way to get America back on a firm economic footing is to vote for Democrats everywhere and vote out Republicans everywhere. The wealthy have stolen enough from our middle class and the time has come for them to pay it back with interest and then be punished for their behavior just like any other criminal!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

We need intelligent leaders not brutish ones! (#2398)

We have tried brutish leaders who are far from intelligent as leaders and all they have done for us is very little. By very little I can't think of anything so I gave them a benefit of my uncertainty. Nothing that stands out as applaudable. The Republican party is where these brutish leaders are elected from and what is most galling is that many of us have seen this for so long yet cannot convince others from voting for them or others to participate in the vote. It is as if intelligence is being mocked for no sake at all except for harm. I so yearn to be proud of our great American electorate but have as of yet I am only slightly so. We did elect our first African American/white president during the last two national elections and that is significant for our country. Although the civil war was decided 150 years ago in favor of the anti-slavery faction, segregation and institutional racism still flourish under the guise of unequal laws. We have allowed for women to vote about 95 years ago as the law of the land but our brutish leaders from the republican party are never ending in finding ways to make laws that prohibit many women from voting. We changed the voting age from 21 to 18 back in 1971 and since then Republicans have been finding ways to subvert that right by making it hard for students to vote in the college states they attend outside the states they reside. The elderly have not much use for driver's licenses or ID cards but drivers licences and/or ID cards are increasingly required for them to vote. The obviousness of the brutish Republican party to limit the class of voter, mostly Democrat, is just another attempt by them to force us to accept their way of thinking by denying our right to choose. Republicans are not attracting us to their vision, they are thrusting it upon us through strong armed tactics. I expect nothing less of brutish leaders, so let's say we deny them a place in our politics when the next national election in 2016 arrives.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Logic versus illogic (#2397)

One the one hand is logic, where science captures our imaginations with theories and facts. On the other hand is illogic, where belief in the fantastical is given equal weight with reality. Only one of these has a function that propels us into our greatest challenges. The other is what holds us back from meeting those challenges. I have mentioned it so many times in this blog but again I will mention it again. We are biological data processors who also have the ability to compute reason from an unlimited amount of variables. We have memory for which to store comprehensively, we have intuitiveness to allow us to sense that which is less detectable by our 5 sensors. We have a will that sustains us through our curiosity and our compassion and our survival instinct. We are an adaptive processor as we are able to create and innovate from the resources surrounding us. We are an amazing species with an unlimited potential. We can only realize that potential if we are able to rationalize. To rationalize we must be able to express our thoughts and actions in ways that are compatible with each other. We use logic to do that. Logic is our order for language and it's evidentiary factualness. We must remain in reality so reality is our existence. Theories and facts give us the best hope of moving forward if we are to realize our potential. The illogic of myth, superstition and mores were used in ancient times to control civilizations for reasons other than ideality. The time to stop adhering to illogic is and has been upon us for centuries. The problem is that too many profit off of our adherence to illogic and they are greedily resistant to change. The challenge for all of us is to take stock of reality through logic and recognize that none of us is physically bound to illogic unless we so choose. So our choice is clear, embrace logic for all it's human potential or remain closeted with illogic and it's unrecognizable human value.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

White privilege and black denigration (#2396)

The color of one's skin is how too many judge each other. The die was cast centuries ago when people of color were considered property by those whites who captured and then bought and sold them. The disgraceful mindset of people as property is the white races shame and being of the white race I bear the stain of my forefathers/mothers who inhumanely practiced this despicable act. Although an American civil war was fought to overcome slavery the remnants of slavery persist to this day. Low wages, poverty and a lack of education, health care and opportunity are the vehicles that keep some white's finding contentment in their never ending justification for labeling some beings lesser than them. White privilege has a home in the Republican party and anyone who votes for their candidates is enabling such cruel and brutish behavior. I am not a black man so my feelings on the denigration the African Americans and even now the Hispanic/Latine races feel is only superficial. But let me tell you, it may be superficial but it is cutting. How much worse must it feel for those who feel it's pain deep within. This existence isn't without consequence regardless of what reality is showing us. There is a sense that Karma and inverse proportion will come to show it's punishment to those who flaunt respect for life and dignity for all those who possess life. I know I work in ways that will help a proportional response to those who are either cavalier about their racism, or deeply hiding it. There is no escape from this horrible behavior that shames the rest of us who are civilized and objective thinkers. I may be of the white race but I am not an advocate for it. I am a human being and that is my race. I do not subset myself out to please those around me nor do I compromise on equality, justice or fairness. The sheer hatred that it takes to think along lines of segregation and condescension will never get any quarter or safe harbor from me and those who are like me.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Check your humanity at the door (#2395)

This Republican mantra of austerity and survival of the fittest is fine if you have no heart or care for anyone else. Is that what has made us a great country? Selfishness? I am getting older by the day and over these 6 decades I have lived the same political reality continues to be a struggle. Why are there enough souls out there that are craving to have more than anyone else? Materialism and consumerism are only by products of a society that is creative and innovative, not the end all. We have a society of civilized folks so that we can work together in order to have a more fulfilling life with a safe harbor to operate from. Hopefully we won't get anarchy but we will get less than democracy if we don't face the reality of our choices. Is it so important to be the wealthiest soul on Earth? Is that what would bring happiness to all of us? Apparently that is impossible since we all can't be the wealthiest at the same time. Why would we want to be part of a society that only celebrated the wealthy while ignoring the vast majority of the rest of us? Is it a deep seated need to validate our own existence by proving we are better than others? Are we the wild savages in literary lore that forego enlightened knowledge in order to be worshipped as some sort of demigod? Do we truly wish to condescend to all others as a reminder to ourselves that we are magnificent and better? What is it that makes us think that survival of the fittest is a better way of life than cooperating and acting as a part of the total instead of the sum of the total? Keeping an austerity derived political mindset is a brutal and punishing mindset that makes life unbearable for those who are not the brightest or more skilled among us. Who has given anyone who pushes austerity the right to judge others based upon a rigged economic system? As I continue to grow in my ageless wonder I also continue to be disappointed and enraged at our callous lack of humanity that is apparently checked at the door of America.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Faith based life style (#2494)

I cannot call it faith based "religions" since the base of religion, a creator who has given us free will, is being bastardized by too many within the faith based community. A sort of make your religion fit anything that satisfies your desires. The idea that the concept of good, which is derived from the intent of God is now up for interpretation as long as it is reasonable to our understanding, is an abomination to what good generates from. Being your brothers keeper and helping the downtrodden is not the priority of a lot of religions today. It seems that filling the pews and collecting the tithes is more important than the giving of one's actionable benevolence to anyone other than the church leaders purse. I see the wealth that many high profile preachers receive and accumulate and it sickens my heart. I am not a religious person per se, but I am a spiritual one who sees a connection to our universe and all things in it. So it is right and good of me to call out when I see those who call themselves preachers ie, the word of God, living a lifestyle that looks more like worshipping the golden calf instead of washing each others feet. Pride is the inverted effect of humility. We seem to have a slew of preachers who have much pride and little humility to their character. Now what is even worse is that religious leaders are more prone to be businessmen instead of lifters up of souls. Is it any wonder that the faith based community is in disarray and unable to evangelize with any success. Not mirroring another organization that does work and shares this tradition, "it is attraction, not promotion", nothing the current church manifests is attractive. One the contrary, the use of a burn in hell promise to prompt folks to join them is increasingly their last play to win over converts. Scaring people to join a faith based religion is brutish, although in keeping with those church leaders who prize the lifestyle of the wealthy more than the health and good will of their congregation.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

It is great overcoming fears (#2393)

By great I mean tremendous. I cannot tell you how many times I have manufactured a fear in my head and let it dictate my thoughts and behaviors. It is embarrassing even having to admit it. yet it is what I had done for so much of my life. A big strong man like myself given to his own fantastical fears as an all too often default. Now what I do is dismiss my fears with a caveat. I know how I can be so I temper my thoughts and behaviors with wisdom and compassion. Not always but for the most part so. My internal fears come about because I slip out of reality and into a quasi fantasy state, where reality and fantasy comingle. Separating these two into their respective camps allows me to keep fantasy and the fears they generate and reality devoid of each other. It is then much easier to dismiss the fantasy and allow the reality to consume my awareness. Now let me be clear here, hope and wishful thinking are still part of reality for me and although yet to be, hoping and wishful thinking are possible as a goal, not a fact. Which is the concept I needed to have in order to clear my mind. I do not let fear, without true justification, to live in my mind. There is too much in life to keep me occupied with reality. I will not let fear have a foothold in my natural life process. What I do is wisely accept fear where fear is really part of the circumstance or situation. I accept myself for me and I don't let peer pressure or expectation be part of how I live. I cannot control what others think and do when all I can be is the best me I am able to project. Everything else is not my problem or concern to solve. I do appreciate how insignificant I am in the big picture but I also know how significant it is for me to be myself in this world. Living in imagined fear is not a natural state for us beings who have everything to gain by enjoying life and experiencing it's marvels and everything to lose by not doing so.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Our only purpose for living (#2392)

To become aware. Everything after that is a choice. We can use our awareness to do good in every little thing we do. In other words live an honorable life. That doesn't mean we can't have fun but our fun must not harm others. Or we can choose to use our awareness to do less than good and look out only for ourselves. This is the lesser way to live but it does suit those who have no care for others. It is my contention that we are all born with a curiosity and compassion. What we do with those two primary human traits is often what defines us and shapes our personalities and character. Many of us have asked no one in particular "what is our purpose in life"? or simply put "why"? For me the answer has to be a logical one, even if we we evolved from chaos. Logic is the only way we can measure knowledge. If you give me that we are a curious species with a brain able to calculate and diagnose and a memory able to store and comprehensively apply new information and an ability to sense through our five senses constant data for input, surely you must give me a logical process for distinguishing between the facts and the fiction of what we discern. Logic is our only means for communicating with each other effectively. I put it to you that there is honor and nobility in every action necessary for our society to function. Regardless of the chore or responsibility. In knowing that we live our purpose. We are part of a larger force of will, not just our own, and as such we must see that nothing we do is less important than our greatest achievement. Now you may think that becoming aware is a simple duty we easily accomplish and that very few lack the ability. Yet some have taken being aware and traded it for safety and comfort. This trading of our individuality in order to avoid some fear is again a lesser life not worthy of the great boldness the human species has fiercely acquired.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Illiteracy throughout our culture is killing any logical progression (#2391)

How can we ever hope to improve our society or even maintain what is good about our society when too many of us are not able to understand what is happening? The disgraceful and brutish Republican party is working overtime to dismantle our education system so that even fewer of us are able to comprehend their nefarious agenda. Republican party leadership wants to dissolve democracy as we know it in order to establish a wealthy ruling class. This may sound far fetched to some of you but if you look at all of their policy directives you will see the pattern. Eliminate or weaken social security, medicare, food stamps, welfare, and other need based and entitlement social programs. Increase war making opportunities by funneling too much national treasure into private military contracts. Privatize previous functions of government, such as our postal services, restrict educational opportunities and increase the population of our prisons through lessening our individual rights. Restrict who can participate in our election process by making it difficult to impossible for those who are poor, elderly, young and transitional to be able to register for the vote. Lessening rights for women to be able to act on their own behalf by cutting opportunities to necessary medical services. All of this and much more are examples of the Republican party's rabid like actions to control those of us who are not wealthy. What the Republican party has done effectively is quickly rip apart the fabric of what once was our burgeoning middle class and made paupers of us as a result. The fact that Republicans so effectively gerrymandered districts after their 2010 national election victory and parlayed that into maneuvering the obligations attached to the census of that year into a lock onto Republican controlled districts for House membership, is another example of how underhanded Republicans will go in order to control the means of government that allows them their agenda. The stupidification of our electorate is their goal and if they keep the rest of us fighting for what little is left they will continue to hoard the lot.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Does it matter who we are? (#2390)

The cynics would say nothing really matters so do everything for yourself so that at least you will be somewhat satisfied. The approach is one of survival of the fittest and it is a strategic part of the Republican platform. I don't know about you but I happen to be one who does believe that what we do matters. I can remember specific instances where my direct actions have saved lives without ever having taken one. I can remember influencing others to a better way instead of them being left without my influence and a more likely worse outcome. I can remember doing an honorable thing instead of a dishonorable thing when the spotlight was on me and thinking that regardless of what happens next, I did a good thing for others to notice. Whether in the bigger picture any of it is relevant or not is not my choice, only the doing of something is. I have seen enough of our world and how our societies operate to know that I don't want to be part of the things that cause harm and suffering. I want to be part of things that alleviate harm and suffering. This is who I am and for me to deny who I am is absurd to me anyway. Happiness is important to me and good will is as well. I cannot live the life of a selfish soul, I have tried to be selfish and it always comes back to me in a negative way. I hate being in a negative state with all the guilt it eventually percolates. I know this about myself as well. So does it matter who we are? To me it does and if I don't live a life of artificial satisfaction I will at least have lived an enriched life. One that honors a noble vision of equality, justice and sharing of myself with others that we all find a benefit in positive ways. We all must "find ourselves" it is just whether we do and whether we actually embrace it at the finding time.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Defining our vision (#2389)

This is what the democratic primary season is all about for us liberal/progressives. We want to move our country forward as best we can in a current political climate that has us hamstrung through previous commitments enshrined into law and a brutish political Republican party intent upon obstructing all liberal/progressive policies. There is a tightrope we must traverse in order to bring about continued change on a large scale. We have opponents who have dug in their heels through fearful and ruthless obstinance and are willing to back it up with boatloads of negative propagandized advertisements. We have laws and treaties that we are bound to through obligation which keep us from gutting out the bad in our often broken system of governance. Yet, with a debate about what hopes and dreams we share we can come together enough to shake off the Republicans and their big money donors to take control of enough of government so that the changes needed to rectify our laws and treaties can begin. What all of us liberal/progressives must understand is that we are on the same side regardless of the candidate we support. So in the end when the nominating process has finished, we should and must get behind whatever candidate emerges as our leader. This is why it is so important now to get our candidates in tune with our hope. The eventual candidate will not be all we want in a candidate, There will be flaws but we will be much better off if we let the process of debate and argument flourish. We will all learn the issues and the consequences of the most important policy advancements and although we won't all get that we want, we will continue to bend the arc of the moral universe toward justice, equality and opportunity. We must stay united in our discourse despite the few differences we surely have with each other. The greater good demands it!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

The benefit of the politics of greed and selfishness has a cost (#2388)

When the manipulators are the beneficiaries then innocence and harm are the cost. We trust our leaders to actually be our leaders and not some straw men/women for a particular group. We expect our leaders to be strong advocates for all of us not just the ones who pay to lobby them. Let me explain, there is always a cost/benefit analysis to every decision made by our representatives. Weighing these cost/benefits is what we expect our representatives to do in a way that works to secure liberty and freedom while upholding equality and fairness. Everything must start from the ideal of democracy. No decision can begin without taking into consideration the cost/benefit to all within our society. At least that is the idealist approach. What we have instead is a system that rewards capital to the detriment of those majority of us who are not capital wealthy. It is not like the greedy and selfish are unstoppable but we majority seem to lose to the greedy and selfish and those they get elected to represent us. How is this possible when we the majority have the numbers to elect our leaders who are more in line with a democratic approach? It is stagnancy within our citizenry to embrace our duty to learn who it is that is trying to lead us and what they stand for while exercising our right to vote regardless of any circumstance. We fail to show up at the voting booth, we fail to analyze the candidates and their parties for their vision and we fail to understand the importance of what electing candidates of the greedy and selfish will do to our hope to have a more prosperous life while keeping our democratic principles alive and well. We fail at being Americans who should be all about determining our future together. We abdicate our responsibility to be free with a voice. Nothing good can come of it and we are already seeing the ill effects of our complacency.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Today's Republican voters are those cave dwellers in the Allegory of the Cave (#2387)

Socrates gave us a perfect example of what it is like to be a Republican voter. In the cave, the uneducated are led to believe that the shadows on the walls are reality. When one finally escapes from the cave and sees the world as it really is the one becomes enlightened to the fact that the rest in the cave are still being mislead. The analogy still rings true today for Republican voters. They would rather stay comfortably in the little knowledge they have because it suits their lifestyle than to become educated to greater knowledge of the world around them. This is their dilemma, living in reality but with blinders on. I think of it as a lack of courage to actually be human. We humans are a curious lot and denying our curiosity is less than human. Why would we deny our curiosity if it is essential to our humanity? Fear, and what causes the fear? Change. Being afraid of what is yet happening or being afraid of what is yet to be is cowardly. No one is given a safe harbor in this dynamic existence. Yet too many have sought out shelter from reality by ignoring it and adopting illogical practices. Staying in the cave is a comfort that too many are willing accept instead of living a life that embraces our strengths and increases our knowledge. So staying mediocre in knowledge is a goal for those who are too cowardly to embrace the fullness of life. Not much of a tradeoff in my mind. I would rather live heartily and accept what comes than to ignore change and only accept that which doesn't allow us to grow. Again, fear can do that and many use fear against others just for the purpose of backing them off from confronting them when they manipulate us. Staying in the cave and accepting the shadows as reality may keep some safe but it will do nothing to allow us to grow in knowledge and experience, which gives us a fuller and more satisfying life.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Your vote helps shape reality (#2386)

I know most of us like to surround ourselves in a cocoon of sorts so that we are sheltered from most of what reality is but that is precisely why we need to exercise our vote at every opportunity. Unless we can change reality through legislation we will continue to need to be sheltered from those parts of reality that are worthless and harmful. The only way we can change reality through legislation is to vote for candidates that have all of our best interests at heart. We all deserve to have a world to live in that helps us become better at being ourselves, not one that punishes us for the difficulty it places on us to succeed. This is how our vote matters. Our vote is as precious as the air we breathe. Think about it, even the air we breathe is being legislated in ways that could bring about a harm to this fundamental necessity. If we allow others to control through their votes while we do nothing with our votes we become the followers when we could and should be the leaders. I know this is not what we care to hear at times but we do have a duty, to ourselves and to our nation to vote when the voting time comes. A democracy is only as good as it participants make it. If we fail to participate in our democracy by not voting we allow a greater chance for ill advised laws and puppeted politicians to come to fruition. My reality is one of great potential but I cannot affect my reality for a better world without help from like minded souls who also exercise their vote. Let me be clear here as well, I know that having a perfect candidate or a perfect law come into being is the ideal and that is what I always hope for but as humans we find that the perfect is more a goal and getting close to it is our best chance as we move through life. Striving to build on what we have with even better is always more palatable than quitting because we cannot have the greatest achievement in what we want or need.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Politics is not a game (#2385)

If you think that politics is just some game that has limited influence on your daily lives then you are fooling yourself. Politics is a real as your birthday, and I know we all like it when we get one special day a year to celebrate our lives. If there is one thing politics can do it is to take away your birthday as a law. Think about that for a moment. Politics has such tremendous power in application that even your birthday can be outlawed. Still think politics is a game? There are some really horrible people involved in politics and their agenda is to rule the power structure of politics without anyone being able to challenge them. Do you get it now? The idea of an election every 2 years could very well disappear under the wrong type of political majority. Democracy is a delicate thing and must be protected by all of us who wish to see it maintained because there are a growing number of fools who would help the wealthy diminish our democracy so that they can protect their ability to acquire more and more of our natural and economic resources. If you think I am nuts then ask yourself why is so much of the wealth concentrated in just a few hands? Still think I am nuts? The rules to capitalism have been rigged so that not even close to anyone can be economically successful. That is no game either when you are trying to support yourself and or a family. This "turn on and tune out" mantra is exactly what the thieving carpetbaggers want everyone else to do. Ignore reality so that they can continue to control reality. There are some messed up folks involved in our politics and they are working to make our lives more difficult and scary. Politics is not a game and if we all would just spend a little more time in reality recognizing that we can stop the devastation those mostly in conservative circles are perpetuating, we would return to politics as a help, not a harm.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Will you vote this coming national election in 2016? (#2384)

The hallmark of a democracy is the citizen's right to vote. How much do you know about that hallmark? Do you know that women were not even given the right to vote until the national election of 1920, less than 95 years ago? In 1867 African/Americans were given the right to vote but due to the effectiveness of poll taxes and other impediments, African/Americans were not fully enfranchised with their right to vote until 1965. The reason being is that conservatives have long established that their brand of politics is not democracy, but instead rule by landowners and white race elites. This is not a fallacy. Conservatives in the Republican party fought to preserve our nation for the King of England, conservatives fought to keep African/Americans as slaves, Conservatives advocated and voted to keep us from having Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and a central government strong enough to keep the states from acting as their own country, among a few anti-democracy policies. The Republican party of today has all these like minded conservatives entrenched within it so the idea that Republicans would compromise their principles of destroying democracy as we know it is an illusion. Why do you think they work so hard to make voting difficult for those who are not Republicans? Conservatives can only win elections if the majority of us do not vote. Historically this coming election will likely see 60% of the registered voting electorate actually cast ballot. That other 40% that doesn't vote is an overwhelming majority of non Republicans. So we get Republicans elected to office because a strong minority of our citizenry that is anti Republican won't bother to vote. Those of you who won't vote, ask yourself this, do you want to live in a democracy or do you want to be less that our founding fathers/mothers envisioned, fought and died for?

Monday, August 10, 2015

It was liberalism that built America (#2383)

Since the time we first began to fight and win our independence from the King of England in the Revolutionary War, it was the liberals who paid for our success with blood and treasure. The Tories, today known as conservatives, were the ones who wanted to keep England as our sovereign and fought against the liberal push to gain freedom from tyranny. Later on in our history it was the liberals who fought against our own conservatives in the Civil War and defeated them so that slavery would be abolished. Conservatives fought hard to keep their possession of the black race from Africa and the West Indies as property. It was liberalism that fought for the rights of women to vote and conservatism that fought to deny the right of the ballot. Liberalism prevailed then and it prevailed again during the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt who introduced a law that is now known as Social Security. Liberals fought hard for this program that was a relief to seniors who had little to no income in their waning years, despite conservative opposition. The effect of Social Security helped elevate our nation out of the Great Depression and raise millions out of poverty. It was the liberals who brought about into law Medicare/Medicaid and the Voting Rights Act/Civil Rights Act. Medicare/Medicaid because our older and poverty stricken generation needed medical attention for ailments that were traditionally curable but not without a way to seek and pay for the privilege, that only the wealthier among our citizenry could afford. The Voting Rights Act/Civil Rights Act that sought to protect ourselves from the malingering effects of the abolition of slavery a century earlier. Although conservatives lost the battle to keep slaves as property, they never lost their hatred to punish them for the idea of equal rights they had gained. We liberals now have the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which expands both Medicare and Medicaid opportunities to those who can least afford it. Conservatives are still fighting to end Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and although not outwardly admitting it, they want to return voting only to property owners. Conservatism is our enemy it seems when the long look at our history is done with objectivity and honesty.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

It is always about the message, not the messenger! (#2382)

A tactic some who are belligerent and ego driven would use is not to discuss the issues that we need or don't need but to instead besmear the candidate who is trying to advocate for or against these issues. Whether it is a need they have to be right regardless if they are wrong or if they are just not intelligent enough to understand the implications of their actions they must not be allowed to hijack our electoral process with their bigotry and ad hominems. People who use this diversionary tactic are more inclined to try to win in anyway they can so that they can get their way, regardless of the disservice they are doing to the rest of us, which by the way, is beside the point to them. They don't see what could be great about our country, they see what could be good or great for themselves personally, and the rest of us can just accept it, or not. Remember, a personal attack on a candidate is usually employed when a political party is on the wrong side of an issue and want to change the subject in order to have to explain why they are on the wrong side of an issue or policy. A diversionary tactic, if successful, is one that allows for a loser to escape from having to bear the consequences of being a loser. This is so often a game in politics and when we don't make these intentionally wrong candidates feel the brunt of their harmful policy or issue positions then they can continue to use diversionary tactics to win the day even though their policies are wrong for our future. Too many of our citizenry are still infected with prejudice and a condescension toward those who are not them and until we can all recognize that none of us is any different in the areas that really count these candidates who besmear other candidates will continue to find success where they should find punishment.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

The liberal bashers (#2381)

I have some acquaintances who are constantly bashing liberals for reasons I am unable to figure. The reason being is that they are either employed through liberal policies or are on assistance that is provided by liberal policies, yet to hear them talk it is as if being a liberal is absurd or degrading. I can't wrap my mind around the cognitive dissonance of it all. I have a feeling it has more to do with their own sense of worth. it is easy to go around and act like someone who is tough and can make it all on their own and if that is the illusion some need then that would explain most of this to me. I can't see though how when I explain the larger picture of their hypocrisy they are just unable to admit it and then work it out for themselves. their is an underlying hatred somewhere that won't let them see all people as good if given the same opportunities. I muster froward though with my head shaking because despite how hard I try to use reason and logic, it is impenetrable to their preset thinking. Another thought occurs to me as well. I imagine also that they cannot allow anyone who they think is less deserving of being intelligent to teach them something they won't admit in public that they don't know. An arrogant pride that must be protected whether it is being cruel or dishonest as a result. All of this just reminds me how tired I am of trying to tell some people that doing and being good is a full time gig and that there is no room for illusions or hypocrisies. I guess I should just feel fortunate that I am not them, people who are not comfortable in their own skin, and not comfortable with others in their own skin. What a sad commentary in how they have to view life and live it. Anyway, just some thoughts about the recent liberal bashers I have crossed paths with. Not pretty but not un common with them either.

Friday, August 7, 2015

The best of all worlds (#2380)

There is no harshness in an idea that seeks to solve all problems with the best of intentions. There will always be a way that helps all people live better lives and have happiness as our destiny. Having the best of intentions always begins at causing no harm. Remember what harm is? It is real pain and anguish. Why would we even consider a solution that was intertwined with harm? Now it is necessary at times to defend ourselves and those who would seek out to harm us need to have a greater force of harm returned to them. But in only those cases. Our citizenry should not have to live under policies that by their nature only harm those who are least able to afford harm. That is not honorable, it is cowardly. When I see today's Republican politicians in "red' states who implement policies that ignore complex problems and instead deny solutions that could work, I get rankled and angry. yet these politicians who have mesmerized too many of their constituents with other shiny objects so as they don't realize they are being played for fools, continue to do so. It is unfortunate that so many are harmed by a lack of critical thinking toward solutions but regardless there we are. Now in other states where Democrats are in control, there is some movement toward attaining rights and policies that actually improve society while alleviating problems. I am fortunate again to live in one of those "blue" states where modernity is evolving as fast as problems are disappearing. It only comes about because serious politicians are doing serious work, and that work that starts at not harming. Solving problems while improving society, a win/win. Life is not always a zero sum game. By creating new policies that positively effect our citizens we also reduce the angst and disappointment because something good is happening. Making us all feel good is a better way to address our future than continuing to beat us to make us less human.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Myths and superstitions seem to comfort those who are less able to think for themselves (#2379)

Why are some less able to think for themselves? I know they can think but they appear to stop when it comes to reasoning and analyzing. Is it so hard to put your mind to facts and logic when it is your life's direction that your are faced with? Is it somehow easier to just say let me believe in something instead of let me understand something. Is the model of a myth or superstition so attractive that we are willing to give over reality to it? For me it is failure to launch into the best of who we are. Again I will say this, we are data processing entities. It is what we do! We are biologically created to learn and grow from knowledge and experience. It is all of our destinies. Since our childhood and dependence upon each other to survive up until we are out on our own, learning and adapting is our forte. We have minds that help us with memory, questions and answers. Our five senses are our probes into reality to understand the nature of where we exist. Being biological, we only have a limited time frame to which we can exist so the most efficient way of life for us is to maximize our senses and bring about our reasoning and analyzing to logical and common sense concluding as quickly as possible. Wasting time on lore from the past as a means to temper our imaginations and curiosity is abysmal, unfortunate and wasteful. It is a surrender to the unknown, instead of conquering the unknown. Most likely it is fear based and fear is real in our lives but we also have courage to overcome fear and having that remedy and not using it is why too many of us are too weak and useless to do our part in building a bold and adventurous society. "I regret that I have but one life to live" said Nathan Hale about courageously sacrificing his life for a better society for all, Inversely, the same could be said for those of us who later realized that we had wasted our lives on superstitions and myths so we didn't have to live a courageous and fulfilling life like we were built to live.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

War is what Republicans want (#2378)

Republicans are an elitist group in their own minds. They think that their hypocritical policy of survival of the fittest should be the governing principle in all things. So not only are they unsupportive of social programs here in America, because we should all only be responsible for ourselves, which is illogical, but they also see it as the governing principle for other cultures and societies that are not American. That is why negotiating is seen as a weakness to them, not a strength. It is either all or nothing in their minds and they think that since they are an elite group they should never be anything less than right all the time. So if you decide to vote for a Republican just know what you are supporting, not a democracy where we all have a say in our future but an ideal that presupposes that we are not equal but instead the pawns of those who are not them. As such, them being the overlords to the rest of American society, we are at their behest to fight wars where divisions in policy and rights are in question. It won't be them fighting the wars it will be those of us who are less fortunate than to be wealthy. Every thing is simple to Republicans. If a question of supremacy is broached Republicans will not hesitate to apply force to quell the question. Rule by force is the doctrine of the conservative Republican party and those of us who want a democratic society like our forefathers/mothers intended will end up being the cannon fodder in Republican wars. Enlightenment, innovation, creativity and the rest of modernity are also the casualties of Republican rule since again, Republicans like things simple. Just know what you are voting for the next time you vote so that maybe you will understand that Republicans are at war with democracy and the very survival of democracy is in our hands. I would rather win the battle for the soul of our country through the vote, as opposed to having to kill each other to survive for the Republican way of war.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Republican vision, a punishing society (#2377)

Republican's have no empathy for those who are less fortunate. Their view of it is that if you can't do better on your own then you are the problem not society. Of course Republicans forget that they got all kinds of help getting where they are. The idea that we must all be successful, regardless of our nations inequalities in life is their threshold for whether or not we are worthy of citizenship. If Republicans had their way they would require a property or income test for voting. now you won't hear many of them admit this but by their actions we can discern their intent. They have made it harder for folks to vote not easier. Why? Because first, they know their policies are not acceptable to any reasonable person. Second, they dislike people of color unless those people of color serve some agenda or ulterior motive they narrate. Somehow Republicans have come to accept that there should be no carrot for motivation, only the stick. Harming as a tool is the Republican answer for solving problems. They like to segregate themselves from those who are undesirable due to class, economics or social behavior. the arrogance of their condescension is out there now for all to see. Do we care enough to stop them from controlling all of our lives or do we fight back against their vile highjacking of our democracy? It seems to me that many in our society are willing to improve but not enough resource exists for all of them to be successful in life. Republicans do not care about that and even worse are working tirelessly to make resources of capital and opportunity even more scarce. The nefarious irony of it all is that then they blame those who cannot achieve with their own failure, unwilling to admit that they, Republicans, are the genesis for most of our failures. I have spent the latter part of my life as a clanging bell trying to bring the attention of our society on these types of facts and hopefully all the others doing so as well will eventually be justified in having to sacrifice our time and effort in order to get all of us to focus on the devastation Republicans have planned for us.

Monday, August 3, 2015

The greatest achievement for a society is democracy (#2376)

From which all things must then come from is our democracy. We all get to decide how we live how we interact and how we commerce. Without our democracy as the solid foundation of our society we are left to lesser forms of rule that do not take equality, fairness and opportunity as a given. As you can see by our American state of affairs, we are not operating a democracy that has evolved to where it should be. Our constitution did not give all of us equal rights at the beginning of our government so since then our constitution has been amended in order to make our initial fledgling democratic society more stable and noble. Yet the work is not done as we can see by how we still treat our poor and people of color in ways that are not consistent with how we treat our rich and white citizens. There is a cancer in our body politic that fuels and serves prejudice and bias as if it was a right, which it is not! Democracy demands that equality, fairness and opportunity be equally offered to all of our citizens despite any difference in wealth or appearance. This may seem very commonsensical but not enough of our citizens are defending it. The problem lies in our economy. We have a capitalistic system in place that at it's core seeks to reward merit. Which is good enough if it gave all of us the same chances to succeed. Instead we have those who have made an economic success, through numerous times dubious methods, not holding with principles of democracy and these less than merit filled economically successful individuals are intent upon keeping our economy from becoming opportunistic for all by turning us against ourselves. There is a fear among them that they will have competition for the limited wealth out there and they don't want to share. Small minded people holding the rest of us hostage, born of greed, from being equal participants in our economic society. A healthy democracy does not allow for an ailing economic system to be it's master if the democracy is being given it's rightful due as our highest priority.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Doing nothing is not an option (#2375)

Many may just laugh at me and say bull. I know many who do nothing and are quite satisfied within their limited thinking that doing nothing is a responsible option. Selfishness is usually at the core of doing nothing. Yes, selfishness. When many are trying to do a good thing and some could care less and ignore the struggle that would affect everyone, then yes, selfishness is what that is. My life is centered on doing good, not doing nothing. It is in my human nature and everyone else's to input information into our brains and then conclude a result. We are mostly all capable of coming to conclusions based upon facts, logic and common sense yet all too often we do not allow ourselves the time or energy to do so when we see no immediate benefit to ourselves. Living in a society that allows the choice to be responsible, is a duty in itself for us to take the mantle of responsibility not only for our own lives but as a member of our community of citizens. Many may feel overwhelmed by policies or the complexity of our policies but always remember this one simple key, does the policy do harm or not? You will know which side of a policy you stand on if your agenda is to do good not only for yourself and fellow American but for your children and their children. this life is fast moving and there really is no time to sit around ignoring reality when reality never sleeps. Change is fast moving and that is one fact we must all grasp, that change is inevitable and constant. That is why staying still or not choosing to be part of our society is wrong. We are all needed to be equal parts and when inequality exists we need to fight to change that wrong. When we all start from a place where there is no harm then our own merit will sustain us as to how our destiny will prevail. it is the perfect way to live. Everyone equal to begin and then we imagine, work and create as a way to establish our own identity.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Democracy crushes the survival of the fittest crowd (#2374)

It seems that the republican party and their conservative members have missed the larger perspective on the ultimate reason for our American society. We are a democracy that is inclusive and aims to practice equality and fairness as our pursuit of happiness. When we all have the same right to achieve then we are living in the best of what our country has built. What Republicans see is that only a handful of certain people are allowed to achieve and everyone else is less important. It is because they subscribe to a capitalistic point of view as their highest priority and anyone who doesn't achieve is not worth caring about. Regardless of opportunity or fairness, Republicans are about manipulation and success instead of being about honor and success. It seems that a craven moral depravity is a virtue if it can be parlayed into a economic advantage, at least in Republican eyes. The survival of the fittest paradigm is their highest calling, not a democratically achieved balance between rights and care for all our citizens. The vision of Republican conservatives/libertarians is a dog eat dog one, whereas the vision of Democrat liberals/progressives is a duty of care and opportunity for all. Since we live in a democracy it is important to understand the genesis of our nation. We were established due to harsh servitude and economic constraints. We fought against the King of England and the American Tories/conservatives who supported the King and won our freedom. It isn't a coincidence that today we are still fighting against conservatives in order to maintain our freedom, as conservatives still see themselves as elite and the rest of us, well, more like their servants. They cannot be bothered by the fact that capitalism is a subset of the whole set Democracy, not the other way around, and in their attempts to push our rights further from us their intent doesn't become any less visible through their shadowy ulterior motives if one understands that democracy is our penultimate and weakening our democracy is theirs.