Sunday, August 16, 2015

Defining our vision (#2389)

This is what the democratic primary season is all about for us liberal/progressives. We want to move our country forward as best we can in a current political climate that has us hamstrung through previous commitments enshrined into law and a brutish political Republican party intent upon obstructing all liberal/progressive policies. There is a tightrope we must traverse in order to bring about continued change on a large scale. We have opponents who have dug in their heels through fearful and ruthless obstinance and are willing to back it up with boatloads of negative propagandized advertisements. We have laws and treaties that we are bound to through obligation which keep us from gutting out the bad in our often broken system of governance. Yet, with a debate about what hopes and dreams we share we can come together enough to shake off the Republicans and their big money donors to take control of enough of government so that the changes needed to rectify our laws and treaties can begin. What all of us liberal/progressives must understand is that we are on the same side regardless of the candidate we support. So in the end when the nominating process has finished, we should and must get behind whatever candidate emerges as our leader. This is why it is so important now to get our candidates in tune with our hope. The eventual candidate will not be all we want in a candidate, There will be flaws but we will be much better off if we let the process of debate and argument flourish. We will all learn the issues and the consequences of the most important policy advancements and although we won't all get that we want, we will continue to bend the arc of the moral universe toward justice, equality and opportunity. We must stay united in our discourse despite the few differences we surely have with each other. The greater good demands it!

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