Saturday, August 1, 2015

Democracy crushes the survival of the fittest crowd (#2374)

It seems that the republican party and their conservative members have missed the larger perspective on the ultimate reason for our American society. We are a democracy that is inclusive and aims to practice equality and fairness as our pursuit of happiness. When we all have the same right to achieve then we are living in the best of what our country has built. What Republicans see is that only a handful of certain people are allowed to achieve and everyone else is less important. It is because they subscribe to a capitalistic point of view as their highest priority and anyone who doesn't achieve is not worth caring about. Regardless of opportunity or fairness, Republicans are about manipulation and success instead of being about honor and success. It seems that a craven moral depravity is a virtue if it can be parlayed into a economic advantage, at least in Republican eyes. The survival of the fittest paradigm is their highest calling, not a democratically achieved balance between rights and care for all our citizens. The vision of Republican conservatives/libertarians is a dog eat dog one, whereas the vision of Democrat liberals/progressives is a duty of care and opportunity for all. Since we live in a democracy it is important to understand the genesis of our nation. We were established due to harsh servitude and economic constraints. We fought against the King of England and the American Tories/conservatives who supported the King and won our freedom. It isn't a coincidence that today we are still fighting against conservatives in order to maintain our freedom, as conservatives still see themselves as elite and the rest of us, well, more like their servants. They cannot be bothered by the fact that capitalism is a subset of the whole set Democracy, not the other way around, and in their attempts to push our rights further from us their intent doesn't become any less visible through their shadowy ulterior motives if one understands that democracy is our penultimate and weakening our democracy is theirs.

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