Monday, August 17, 2015

Does it matter who we are? (#2390)

The cynics would say nothing really matters so do everything for yourself so that at least you will be somewhat satisfied. The approach is one of survival of the fittest and it is a strategic part of the Republican platform. I don't know about you but I happen to be one who does believe that what we do matters. I can remember specific instances where my direct actions have saved lives without ever having taken one. I can remember influencing others to a better way instead of them being left without my influence and a more likely worse outcome. I can remember doing an honorable thing instead of a dishonorable thing when the spotlight was on me and thinking that regardless of what happens next, I did a good thing for others to notice. Whether in the bigger picture any of it is relevant or not is not my choice, only the doing of something is. I have seen enough of our world and how our societies operate to know that I don't want to be part of the things that cause harm and suffering. I want to be part of things that alleviate harm and suffering. This is who I am and for me to deny who I am is absurd to me anyway. Happiness is important to me and good will is as well. I cannot live the life of a selfish soul, I have tried to be selfish and it always comes back to me in a negative way. I hate being in a negative state with all the guilt it eventually percolates. I know this about myself as well. So does it matter who we are? To me it does and if I don't live a life of artificial satisfaction I will at least have lived an enriched life. One that honors a noble vision of equality, justice and sharing of myself with others that we all find a benefit in positive ways. We all must "find ourselves" it is just whether we do and whether we actually embrace it at the finding time.

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