Sunday, August 2, 2015

Doing nothing is not an option (#2375)

Many may just laugh at me and say bull. I know many who do nothing and are quite satisfied within their limited thinking that doing nothing is a responsible option. Selfishness is usually at the core of doing nothing. Yes, selfishness. When many are trying to do a good thing and some could care less and ignore the struggle that would affect everyone, then yes, selfishness is what that is. My life is centered on doing good, not doing nothing. It is in my human nature and everyone else's to input information into our brains and then conclude a result. We are mostly all capable of coming to conclusions based upon facts, logic and common sense yet all too often we do not allow ourselves the time or energy to do so when we see no immediate benefit to ourselves. Living in a society that allows the choice to be responsible, is a duty in itself for us to take the mantle of responsibility not only for our own lives but as a member of our community of citizens. Many may feel overwhelmed by policies or the complexity of our policies but always remember this one simple key, does the policy do harm or not? You will know which side of a policy you stand on if your agenda is to do good not only for yourself and fellow American but for your children and their children. this life is fast moving and there really is no time to sit around ignoring reality when reality never sleeps. Change is fast moving and that is one fact we must all grasp, that change is inevitable and constant. That is why staying still or not choosing to be part of our society is wrong. We are all needed to be equal parts and when inequality exists we need to fight to change that wrong. When we all start from a place where there is no harm then our own merit will sustain us as to how our destiny will prevail. it is the perfect way to live. Everyone equal to begin and then we imagine, work and create as a way to establish our own identity.

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