Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Illiteracy throughout our culture is killing any logical progression (#2391)

How can we ever hope to improve our society or even maintain what is good about our society when too many of us are not able to understand what is happening? The disgraceful and brutish Republican party is working overtime to dismantle our education system so that even fewer of us are able to comprehend their nefarious agenda. Republican party leadership wants to dissolve democracy as we know it in order to establish a wealthy ruling class. This may sound far fetched to some of you but if you look at all of their policy directives you will see the pattern. Eliminate or weaken social security, medicare, food stamps, welfare, and other need based and entitlement social programs. Increase war making opportunities by funneling too much national treasure into private military contracts. Privatize previous functions of government, such as our postal services, restrict educational opportunities and increase the population of our prisons through lessening our individual rights. Restrict who can participate in our election process by making it difficult to impossible for those who are poor, elderly, young and transitional to be able to register for the vote. Lessening rights for women to be able to act on their own behalf by cutting opportunities to necessary medical services. All of this and much more are examples of the Republican party's rabid like actions to control those of us who are not wealthy. What the Republican party has done effectively is quickly rip apart the fabric of what once was our burgeoning middle class and made paupers of us as a result. The fact that Republicans so effectively gerrymandered districts after their 2010 national election victory and parlayed that into maneuvering the obligations attached to the census of that year into a lock onto Republican controlled districts for House membership, is another example of how underhanded Republicans will go in order to control the means of government that allows them their agenda. The stupidification of our electorate is their goal and if they keep the rest of us fighting for what little is left they will continue to hoard the lot.

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