Sunday, August 9, 2015

It is always about the message, not the messenger! (#2382)

A tactic some who are belligerent and ego driven would use is not to discuss the issues that we need or don't need but to instead besmear the candidate who is trying to advocate for or against these issues. Whether it is a need they have to be right regardless if they are wrong or if they are just not intelligent enough to understand the implications of their actions they must not be allowed to hijack our electoral process with their bigotry and ad hominems. People who use this diversionary tactic are more inclined to try to win in anyway they can so that they can get their way, regardless of the disservice they are doing to the rest of us, which by the way, is beside the point to them. They don't see what could be great about our country, they see what could be good or great for themselves personally, and the rest of us can just accept it, or not. Remember, a personal attack on a candidate is usually employed when a political party is on the wrong side of an issue and want to change the subject in order to have to explain why they are on the wrong side of an issue or policy. A diversionary tactic, if successful, is one that allows for a loser to escape from having to bear the consequences of being a loser. This is so often a game in politics and when we don't make these intentionally wrong candidates feel the brunt of their harmful policy or issue positions then they can continue to use diversionary tactics to win the day even though their policies are wrong for our future. Too many of our citizenry are still infected with prejudice and a condescension toward those who are not them and until we can all recognize that none of us is any different in the areas that really count these candidates who besmear other candidates will continue to find success where they should find punishment.

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