Thursday, August 20, 2015

It is great overcoming fears (#2393)

By great I mean tremendous. I cannot tell you how many times I have manufactured a fear in my head and let it dictate my thoughts and behaviors. It is embarrassing even having to admit it. yet it is what I had done for so much of my life. A big strong man like myself given to his own fantastical fears as an all too often default. Now what I do is dismiss my fears with a caveat. I know how I can be so I temper my thoughts and behaviors with wisdom and compassion. Not always but for the most part so. My internal fears come about because I slip out of reality and into a quasi fantasy state, where reality and fantasy comingle. Separating these two into their respective camps allows me to keep fantasy and the fears they generate and reality devoid of each other. It is then much easier to dismiss the fantasy and allow the reality to consume my awareness. Now let me be clear here, hope and wishful thinking are still part of reality for me and although yet to be, hoping and wishful thinking are possible as a goal, not a fact. Which is the concept I needed to have in order to clear my mind. I do not let fear, without true justification, to live in my mind. There is too much in life to keep me occupied with reality. I will not let fear have a foothold in my natural life process. What I do is wisely accept fear where fear is really part of the circumstance or situation. I accept myself for me and I don't let peer pressure or expectation be part of how I live. I cannot control what others think and do when all I can be is the best me I am able to project. Everything else is not my problem or concern to solve. I do appreciate how insignificant I am in the big picture but I also know how significant it is for me to be myself in this world. Living in imagined fear is not a natural state for us beings who have everything to gain by enjoying life and experiencing it's marvels and everything to lose by not doing so.

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