Friday, August 28, 2015

It's okay to admit we are alone in a great big universe, it is the truth (#2401)

The truth is better than any lie we may tell ourselves. Living in the truth no matter how scary or frightening it may be is the first step to overcoming our fear and fright. The myths and superstitions we have created as a species to help us along in our sometimes trembling lives are meant to assuage the fear reality can bring about. The problem with that type of solution is that it deviates us from fact. Now look about in our society and you can see the absolute adverse effects of myths and superstitions being played out. Not only are there too many who believe in myth and superstition there are too many who are making a business of myth and superstition so much so that too much of reality and fact is ignored. I don't need a pacifier of any sort to be able to get along with my life here in this existence. I have me and the objective elements that make up existence to keep me full of wonder and care. Everything else is just noise from the fearful who have not found their courage to stand on their own ability to define fact from fiction. It is a simple solution for too many to just trust that myth and superstition must be true despite not having any logical evidence to prove it. Too many condition their minds to dismiss contrary evidence in order to maintain an illusion that makes them feel protected and safe. An illusion to make ourselves feel protected and safe is not living, it is abdicating the motivation of our curiosity. Fear will do that and fear often enough is what too may think is the ceiling they may never rise above. I can admit that I am alone in the universe because it is true. There are other beings who reside with me here in the universe but they also only have themselves. We are alone and that is okay. If we get lucky enough we can find a mate to live with us in our lives and that can help with keeping us protected and safe but that is the only real option. Otherwise it is like my life, just living as myself with no fact to anything after my life is over that the universe promises me.

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