Monday, August 24, 2015

Logic versus illogic (#2397)

One the one hand is logic, where science captures our imaginations with theories and facts. On the other hand is illogic, where belief in the fantastical is given equal weight with reality. Only one of these has a function that propels us into our greatest challenges. The other is what holds us back from meeting those challenges. I have mentioned it so many times in this blog but again I will mention it again. We are biological data processors who also have the ability to compute reason from an unlimited amount of variables. We have memory for which to store comprehensively, we have intuitiveness to allow us to sense that which is less detectable by our 5 sensors. We have a will that sustains us through our curiosity and our compassion and our survival instinct. We are an adaptive processor as we are able to create and innovate from the resources surrounding us. We are an amazing species with an unlimited potential. We can only realize that potential if we are able to rationalize. To rationalize we must be able to express our thoughts and actions in ways that are compatible with each other. We use logic to do that. Logic is our order for language and it's evidentiary factualness. We must remain in reality so reality is our existence. Theories and facts give us the best hope of moving forward if we are to realize our potential. The illogic of myth, superstition and mores were used in ancient times to control civilizations for reasons other than ideality. The time to stop adhering to illogic is and has been upon us for centuries. The problem is that too many profit off of our adherence to illogic and they are greedily resistant to change. The challenge for all of us is to take stock of reality through logic and recognize that none of us is physically bound to illogic unless we so choose. So our choice is clear, embrace logic for all it's human potential or remain closeted with illogic and it's unrecognizable human value.

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