Thursday, August 27, 2015

Making voting easy and rewarding (#2400)

Not only should voter registration be as easy as possible for all Americans there should also be a reward for actually voting. Some small but significant option that can be utilized once a cast ballot is confirmed. As it is now we have about half of our eligible voters not voting for may reasons, including the difficult obstacles Republicans are implementing through voter restrictions. The truth of a society being a democracy is in it's citizens participating in it's elections. We cannot say we are a true democracy when we are restricting opportunities to vote and restricting the ability of our citizens to prove they are citizens. We can use Occam's razor to understand the significance of the Republican strategy to restrict voting based upon their claim of voter fraud. Since little to no evidence exists of voter fraud "the more likely reason" (Occam's theorem) for them to be restricting voting is more easily understood by who is feeling the brunt of the restrictions. Older poorer citizens, students and poorer non-caucasians are the ones who are more adversely affected by voter restriction laws. That many of this voting block are Democrat voters indicates to any sensible person that the intent of voter restriction laws is to lessen the democrat vote. Now the partisan on the republican side may well gleefully applaud this somewhat successful tactic, the other many who have a sense about patriotism and democratic principles see this as nothing more than the real voter fraud being perpetrated by Republicans. Aside from that problem, we have an electorate that is disinterested in politics mainly because we have very little truth in advertising for political ad laws. So the constant barrage of mixed messages bordering on absolute falsehood has turned off many who would otherwise like to make an informed decision based upon fact. There is also something to be said for providing a reward for those who do participate in our elections as an incentive to continue such behavior as a means of protecting and improving our democracy.

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