Monday, August 31, 2015

My innocence keeps me sane (#2404)

I am still that young boy who not that long ago, to me anyway, was as innocent about how I perceived existence as I am today. I know that cynicism and bad behavior has rusted some of the edges of my innocence but in my mind and heart my innocence is still purely immeasurable. That is the lens by which I can perceive all that is around me. The best of what could be and the happiest of what should be, are never far from my intentions. I have seen the purity of good, better and best and how much I admire and respect the raw expression of them. Regardless of the circumstance or situation, innocence revealed and acted upon is precious. That is the reality I live in. I know that most of the time innocence is lost in the daily hustle and bustle of life but that is no excuse for not striving to have the best of who we are and what we can become. I wont settle for less when my life is all that I have to control. I am the one who can change and be an example so that is my duty given the chaotic paradigm we have before us. We are out of our cycle of natural being. We have become automatons to our work, our society's expectations, to too many other things who we are not. My foundation, my genetic thrust is for me to be the best human I can possibly be. How do I do this? By learning whatever it takes to keep my mind open to facts and truths while never losing my hope or wishes and dreams. I am an amalgamation of interests but only one is supreme to all others, that being my purpose for living. I am a biological sensory processor who can input data and then analyze, reason and conclude from it. I then store in my memory a comprehensive outlook and then act upon it. My purpose is to function as the best biological data processor I can be. I also have an emotional component that gives me character and personality. With these I can operate as more than just a biological computer, I can be the master of my abilities and then proceed to express only the most noble and honorable actions and thoughts I can humanly create. This all stems from my innocence which I will never abandon nor denigrate.

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