Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Politics is not a game (#2385)

If you think that politics is just some game that has limited influence on your daily lives then you are fooling yourself. Politics is a real as your birthday, and I know we all like it when we get one special day a year to celebrate our lives. If there is one thing politics can do it is to take away your birthday as a law. Think about that for a moment. Politics has such tremendous power in application that even your birthday can be outlawed. Still think politics is a game? There are some really horrible people involved in politics and their agenda is to rule the power structure of politics without anyone being able to challenge them. Do you get it now? The idea of an election every 2 years could very well disappear under the wrong type of political majority. Democracy is a delicate thing and must be protected by all of us who wish to see it maintained because there are a growing number of fools who would help the wealthy diminish our democracy so that they can protect their ability to acquire more and more of our natural and economic resources. If you think I am nuts then ask yourself why is so much of the wealth concentrated in just a few hands? Still think I am nuts? The rules to capitalism have been rigged so that not even close to anyone can be economically successful. That is no game either when you are trying to support yourself and or a family. This "turn on and tune out" mantra is exactly what the thieving carpetbaggers want everyone else to do. Ignore reality so that they can continue to control reality. There are some messed up folks involved in our politics and they are working to make our lives more difficult and scary. Politics is not a game and if we all would just spend a little more time in reality recognizing that we can stop the devastation those mostly in conservative circles are perpetuating, we would return to politics as a help, not a harm.

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