Sunday, August 30, 2015

Register to vote if you care about your future (#2403)

Why is it important to vote? Because we all get one vote if we choose to exercise it so we all have an equal chance to say how we want our future to unfold. Today more than ever the differences in the two visions being laid out is stark. There can be no confusing one for the other. In other words in no scenario are both parties the same. There is the Republican vision that would have us living like in the wild west days where guns ruled the law and the Democratic vision where laws rule the guns. Republicans would have us living under the confines of religious dogma whereas Democrats, like our founding fathers, would have us living free from religious persecution. Republicans would install a government that favored those who capitalized on our economy regardless of it's staggering income inequality, whereas Democrats would keep our government in the business of regulating and socializing our competitive but flawed capitalistic system. Republicans would and are clamoring for war as a solution in lieu of any other solution that isn't utter surrender. Democrats would, as a final move use deadly force in order to bring about change but not until peaceful negotiation had run it's course. The Republican doctrine of survival of the fittest would leave our seniors, children, and disabled citizens with little recourse other than begging as a means for them to exist, while Democrats believe and implement social programs designed to reduce and eliminate suffering and harm to our most vulnerable citizens. Republicans if given the opportunity, would restrict voting rights in every way that they could in order to only allow for property owners and privileged to vote for our future. Democrats are of another mindset, we Democrats would rather allow universal voting for all citizens of our country and make it available as easily as possible so that everyone could have a voice in our democracy. Do you see the reason now why it is so important to register to vote so that you can have a say in what your future could be?

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