Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Republican vision, a punishing society (#2377)

Republican's have no empathy for those who are less fortunate. Their view of it is that if you can't do better on your own then you are the problem not society. Of course Republicans forget that they got all kinds of help getting where they are. The idea that we must all be successful, regardless of our nations inequalities in life is their threshold for whether or not we are worthy of citizenship. If Republicans had their way they would require a property or income test for voting. now you won't hear many of them admit this but by their actions we can discern their intent. They have made it harder for folks to vote not easier. Why? Because first, they know their policies are not acceptable to any reasonable person. Second, they dislike people of color unless those people of color serve some agenda or ulterior motive they narrate. Somehow Republicans have come to accept that there should be no carrot for motivation, only the stick. Harming as a tool is the Republican answer for solving problems. They like to segregate themselves from those who are undesirable due to class, economics or social behavior. the arrogance of their condescension is out there now for all to see. Do we care enough to stop them from controlling all of our lives or do we fight back against their vile highjacking of our democracy? It seems to me that many in our society are willing to improve but not enough resource exists for all of them to be successful in life. Republicans do not care about that and even worse are working tirelessly to make resources of capital and opportunity even more scarce. The nefarious irony of it all is that then they blame those who cannot achieve with their own failure, unwilling to admit that they, Republicans, are the genesis for most of our failures. I have spent the latter part of my life as a clanging bell trying to bring the attention of our society on these types of facts and hopefully all the others doing so as well will eventually be justified in having to sacrifice our time and effort in order to get all of us to focus on the devastation Republicans have planned for us.

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