Friday, August 7, 2015

The best of all worlds (#2380)

There is no harshness in an idea that seeks to solve all problems with the best of intentions. There will always be a way that helps all people live better lives and have happiness as our destiny. Having the best of intentions always begins at causing no harm. Remember what harm is? It is real pain and anguish. Why would we even consider a solution that was intertwined with harm? Now it is necessary at times to defend ourselves and those who would seek out to harm us need to have a greater force of harm returned to them. But in only those cases. Our citizenry should not have to live under policies that by their nature only harm those who are least able to afford harm. That is not honorable, it is cowardly. When I see today's Republican politicians in "red' states who implement policies that ignore complex problems and instead deny solutions that could work, I get rankled and angry. yet these politicians who have mesmerized too many of their constituents with other shiny objects so as they don't realize they are being played for fools, continue to do so. It is unfortunate that so many are harmed by a lack of critical thinking toward solutions but regardless there we are. Now in other states where Democrats are in control, there is some movement toward attaining rights and policies that actually improve society while alleviating problems. I am fortunate again to live in one of those "blue" states where modernity is evolving as fast as problems are disappearing. It only comes about because serious politicians are doing serious work, and that work that starts at not harming. Solving problems while improving society, a win/win. Life is not always a zero sum game. By creating new policies that positively effect our citizens we also reduce the angst and disappointment because something good is happening. Making us all feel good is a better way to address our future than continuing to beat us to make us less human.

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