Monday, August 3, 2015

The greatest achievement for a society is democracy (#2376)

From which all things must then come from is our democracy. We all get to decide how we live how we interact and how we commerce. Without our democracy as the solid foundation of our society we are left to lesser forms of rule that do not take equality, fairness and opportunity as a given. As you can see by our American state of affairs, we are not operating a democracy that has evolved to where it should be. Our constitution did not give all of us equal rights at the beginning of our government so since then our constitution has been amended in order to make our initial fledgling democratic society more stable and noble. Yet the work is not done as we can see by how we still treat our poor and people of color in ways that are not consistent with how we treat our rich and white citizens. There is a cancer in our body politic that fuels and serves prejudice and bias as if it was a right, which it is not! Democracy demands that equality, fairness and opportunity be equally offered to all of our citizens despite any difference in wealth or appearance. This may seem very commonsensical but not enough of our citizens are defending it. The problem lies in our economy. We have a capitalistic system in place that at it's core seeks to reward merit. Which is good enough if it gave all of us the same chances to succeed. Instead we have those who have made an economic success, through numerous times dubious methods, not holding with principles of democracy and these less than merit filled economically successful individuals are intent upon keeping our economy from becoming opportunistic for all by turning us against ourselves. There is a fear among them that they will have competition for the limited wealth out there and they don't want to share. Small minded people holding the rest of us hostage, born of greed, from being equal participants in our economic society. A healthy democracy does not allow for an ailing economic system to be it's master if the democracy is being given it's rightful due as our highest priority.

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