Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The wealthy are the problem, not the immigrant (#2399)

The wealthy are the owners of our media and communication outlets so they are successfully able to deflect their ownership of our dismal economy and instead falsely attack the immigrant as the problem. That there is little good work available is their premise and those damn immigrants are taking what there is, is what is causing our problems. The problem with that is that the wealthy are hoarding many trillions of dollars overseas in tax shelters, avoiding paying taxes on their profits here in America and the loss of most of that revenue flowing through our economy is the reason we have little opportunity for businesses to grow and flourish. We are stuck in a bad work situation because the wealthy don't want to pay their share of taxes. That is it in a nutshell so for them to be blaming our economic woes on immigration is not only false it is racist. The argument that the poor colored skin fellow and girl is our problem is wrong, it is the wealthy and their protected greed that is the problem. However the wealthy's narrative is working somewhat as we are not talking about changing the tax code to punish tax evaders or increasing our resources at the IRS in order to handle all the wealthy grifters keeping our nation in an economic stagnant state. That our middle class manufacturing jobs have gone overseas and the wealthy are actually rewarded through the tax code for doing it is even more brutish to our American citizenry's economic outlook. We cannot change these laws because Republican politicians will not do anything to upset the greedy wealthy who are their donor base. The only way to get America back on a firm economic footing is to vote for Democrats everywhere and vote out Republicans everywhere. The wealthy have stolen enough from our middle class and the time has come for them to pay it back with interest and then be punished for their behavior just like any other criminal!

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