Thursday, August 13, 2015

Your vote helps shape reality (#2386)

I know most of us like to surround ourselves in a cocoon of sorts so that we are sheltered from most of what reality is but that is precisely why we need to exercise our vote at every opportunity. Unless we can change reality through legislation we will continue to need to be sheltered from those parts of reality that are worthless and harmful. The only way we can change reality through legislation is to vote for candidates that have all of our best interests at heart. We all deserve to have a world to live in that helps us become better at being ourselves, not one that punishes us for the difficulty it places on us to succeed. This is how our vote matters. Our vote is as precious as the air we breathe. Think about it, even the air we breathe is being legislated in ways that could bring about a harm to this fundamental necessity. If we allow others to control through their votes while we do nothing with our votes we become the followers when we could and should be the leaders. I know this is not what we care to hear at times but we do have a duty, to ourselves and to our nation to vote when the voting time comes. A democracy is only as good as it participants make it. If we fail to participate in our democracy by not voting we allow a greater chance for ill advised laws and puppeted politicians to come to fruition. My reality is one of great potential but I cannot affect my reality for a better world without help from like minded souls who also exercise their vote. Let me be clear here as well, I know that having a perfect candidate or a perfect law come into being is the ideal and that is what I always hope for but as humans we find that the perfect is more a goal and getting close to it is our best chance as we move through life. Striving to build on what we have with even better is always more palatable than quitting because we cannot have the greatest achievement in what we want or need.

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