Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A sovereign born of democracy (#2433)

What we all learn in life is that no matter how hard we try to keep the peace there are always those who would force harm on others. There are plenty of mental disorders to go around to explain why some would choose to upset the peace of others. Regardless, there must be a force or if you will a sovereign that regulates those few to stop their madness. We have tried monarchs and dictators for this role in the past and have always come up wanting. So now we here in America are working to have the sovereign as a collection of souls under an ideal of democracy. We are a work in progress but the idea is worth all effort to give it a chance to succeed. For all of us to be part of a collective that is the sovereign is a magnificent way to include all those who would benefit from the collective guidance of our futures. We already have a strong forming basis for individual sovereignty that we utilize in our personal lives so why not collect us all and allow us to lead our nation and even the world where applicable? This is what our democracy allows for us. We get to vote for the candidates that reflect our will in as many ways possible. We also get to opinate our desires as to the direction our nation can take in ways where the obvious is demanded. but even more so we get to influence how our leaders protect our freedom and security by electing those officials who understand the theory of peace through strength. We are not bullies here but we will not let bullies ruin the world around us. We have a principled set of ideals to follow and no one should fall under the paradigm of harm while we are on world watch. We cannot be effective everywhere but where we can be, we need to be. The greatest realities in life are freedom and security from harm. No amount of capital is worth the value of these things when compared to the loss of them and the suffering of even one human being. Our chance to be the benevolent sovereign of this world is at hand and now is the time for us to grasp it's opportunity.

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