Thursday, September 3, 2015

Fear of change denies our nature (#2407)

This life we live is not static in any sense of logic. We are changing as I write this post. So to find yourself in fear of change is to find yourself outside your nature. Fear is a natural response to imminent danger to help focus on what we must do immediately to survive. That is the responsibility of fear, nothing more. So to carry around fear when it can be easily shed is illogical. Now I know that some changes are radical and outside our normal understanding but that is why we should never stop learning. In order to understand change we must not only be objective minded but we must inform ourselves of the dynamics of change. Many have a problem with this either through allegiances of some sort or from a belief system. I would offer that both allegiances and belief systems are not logical when weighed against reality, fact and logic. Yet that is still not enough for those who are loyal to a way or feel that some eternal path will be interrupted. First the loyalty issue is based upon a shared vision of some sort that regardless of circumstance or situation can never be altered. I think about that and wonder what kind of loyalty pledge would have us deny reality? It is absurd and not worth our precious time here in existence. The other obstacle is religious dogma. Words passed down through documents written by man as inspired by a God. Well it seems to me that if a God did exist in the manner that most religious minded believe then the God could surely have handed down his commandments without the help of some council or group of men. The farfetched idea that an almighty would rely on the inspiration of men to give his holy decree for our living and following is not within the boundary of normalcy. I am a spiritual soul and therefore am influenced by our universe but our universe is not static, it is ever changing and I plan to honor that fact by not letting myself stay in a static state.

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