Monday, September 21, 2015

From point a to point b (#2425)

This is the logical progression as we currently know it and unless we think we can live in the world of black holes where point a can go directly to point c, we are fooling ourselves. The hard work of one step at a time is a successful strategy. First we must do this then this can occur. Much like the logical sequence of a premise leading to a conclusion. So how do we begin to solve a problem or to get from point a to point b? We begin with a solution, much like if I breathe then I will continue to live. So it is with all the things in life that we wish to accomplish. If we want our children to grow up with knowledge than we must make sure that education is available. If we want our planet to remain as livable to our species, then we must maintain it's natural ecosystems. If we want to remain an advanced society, then we must invest in new creative, innovative, opportunistic ideas. The simple logic we use to live our lives is functional if we allow for the facts of things to be known and then decided upon. Where we go wrong is when we let things that are not facts appear as if they are facts. Truths are truths and lies are lies and if we cannot separate them out from dissemination of truth then the whole of what we try to accomplish becomes chaotic. From point a to point b is a logical progression that if one thing happens the result will be something directly proportional to that happening. The colors red and yellow combined make for the color orange and no matter how times you try you will never get red and yellow to make green. Logic is the simple equation of valid deductive reasoning. You can come up with illogical reasoning but that is just like thinking you can make green out of red and yellow. If we approach all our problems from the perspective of following the simple path of point a to point b, we will find that our solutions are as obvious as the sun in the sky.

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