Friday, September 11, 2015

If you build it it may come about (#2415)

Whatever it is that you are trying to create for yourself or for more than just you, trust your instincts and your hope. I have found that making myself ready for what I would like to happen for me/us is the best way to spend my time. I will not wait for things to happen, I will work toward being ready if and when they do happen. No guarantees anything will but if it does I will not squander the opportunity by not being ready for it. It doesn't matter what it is either, I know I am being a bit cryptic but notwithstanding my reservations about sharing my inner most thoughts, the idea is sound. Being prepared is not only wise but it is a way of keeping hope alive. By moving forward I am progressing on toward a good thing regardless if it comes true. My life is full of hope and that is priceless. My energy for moving forward is strengthened by my resolve for my hope. My mental health is clear and unwavering in that I have a worthy goal that I am trying to achieve. Nothing but good can happen for me/us by preparing myself to create an environment that can bring joy and happiness in an even greater amount. If we build it it may come about is perfect in that I have the ability to redirect my life toward forging a new reality. I am not hindered by the odds or the likelihood of some form of success. I don't see so much how hard something will be to attain, but instead I see a way it may come about. I see that my input is directly proportional to what I may hopefully expect. Again though, nothing is guaranteed but rarely is anything ever gained by doing nothing. If I create the environment for something then it is more likely that something may find that which it is most likely to call a safe harbor. In a world where I can only control what I can do this I have found is my most purposeful path forward.

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