Saturday, September 19, 2015

Intellectual dishonesty (#2423)

Those of the current Republican party are practicing this paradigm, yes it is now a cottage industry, with no thought to the consequences it makes on those who believe them. If these politicians and their donors continue to lie to the general public with such outlandish claims, knowing full well that by the time they are exposed for lying the damage has already been done, we will continue as Americans to fall further behind in the battle for the truth to be a uniting force for us in our society. The calculation by these liars is that they may gain in the short term and thereby raise their prospects among their followers, who believe them at the drop of a hat. Even when their lies are exposed, a series of double speaks or outright accusation of character assassination is used by them to nullify the fact that they lied. They change the subject with another outlandish lie or they finesse the original lie so it doesn't sound so wrong. Either way, they are allowed to lie given the sorry state of  our laws regarding truth in advertising as it relates to political activities. So otherwise intelligent beings are strategically using falsehoods to advance their own personal agendas outside of benefitting the public good. There is only one major political party that is employing this tactic and it is the Republican party. I utilize this blog as a soap box especially during the election season to trumpet out my contempt for the lies and distortions Republicans are dividing our country with for their own personal gain. It is a travesty that too many in the mainstream media refuse to act as fact checkers when they report the lies and distortions as if valid, but that is the current dismal reality our 4th estate has become. My heart breaks at the thought that good honest decent folks are not being given the truth by which they can make an objective informed decision by those in the Republican party who aspire to be our public voices for less than honorable reasons.

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