Sunday, September 20, 2015

Justice will prevail (#2424)

Justice is an objective fairness for all people. This is a common value that we all should instill in our daily lives. Yet that is not currently the case with our society. Too many are working against justice so that they may steal from us. By denying all of us justice they are taking a value away from us so that they may find an unearned advantage. Manipulation is the word to describe what they are doing and that we cannot always punish them under the law is the point here. But I believe that the light of day on the issue of justice for all is coming and no amount of ignorance nor chaos will prevent justice from fulfilling it's promise to all of us. No matter how hard a few powerful souls wish to make the idea of justice an abstract idea, the reality of justice will prevail. The world is confusing and our daily lives are such that anything that disturbs our finely tuned schedules puts burdens on us that we otherwise would dismiss. However, when we have been wronged, the wrong makes us realize that ignoring the loss of our value, justice, is not worth the void we get by ignoring it. The cost/benefit ratio tells us that defending or acquiring our justice is a greater value than the disruption of our daily lives. There is always a tipping point for many of us to act. My tipping point got hit many decades ago and I have striven to fight against the powers that would make our democracy less than ideal. The only reason there are souls out there trying to curtail our democratic principles is so that they may steal an advantage from the rest of us. I don't know about your principles for living, but mine do not allow me to let thieves steal without impunity. There is nothing noble about stealing form those who have little to give to those who have much. That should be plainly obvious and although uncomfortable to many to have to confront, the truth of it is nevertheless real. Justice will prevail because even those who wish to ignore it will find that when they will surely become a victim of it, they will have reached their tipping point.

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